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Deep Ocean
Biographical Information


October 12th, 2567

Physical Description




Dark blue


  • Amoeba-like body changes
  • Tones of voice change constantly
Military Information


  • Primary: Infiltration and Espionage
  • Secondary: Battle Coordination


United Nations Space Command



Product of Forerunner techEdit

Deep Ocean is a ninth-generation smart AI. It is not known at this time exactly how long her life expectancy is, due to only recent recovery and reverse engineering of Forerunner technology, but it is much longer than most AIs.

She was created around the core of a Forerunner AI and bolstered by programming from an older AI, Cortana. There is much that is unknown about how she will function. It has been seen that her personality is developing slower than most conventional AI, but her skills are more mutable, and prone to evolution.

This is held as evidence as to her appearance, which does not seem to have set definition as of yet. It distorts constantly, but keeps a general female shape. Her color does not seem to follow emotion, like most AI.

Ocean is and remains to this day the only truly "unlocked" ninth generation AI, her processes and growth not restrained as normal. It is currently unknown what affect this has had on her, nor is it now how extensive and powerful her network is.

Primary Function: Infiltration and EspionageEdit

Deep Ocean's primary function is the infiltration of databases. Her core programming for this is largely based off the Cortana model, with some new tools thrown in and some minor tweaks to core logic to improve efficiency.

Using these skills, Deep Ocean managed to discover much about the Graviton Cannon, a super-weapon created by the Covenant.

Secondary Function: Battle CoordinationEdit

As Deep Ocean is assigned to Wings-D339, the XO of Spartan-III Delta Company, she has been programmed with logic used for battle coordination. She can almost instantly map friendly and hostile positions and show likely routes and actions they will take. She is also equipped with the latest algorithms used to predict and calculate troop movements and the outcomes of battle plans, mostly developed by The Librarian and SPARTAN-D339.

Deep Ocean can also manipulate slipspace, which comes in to great effect here. When planted on a station with a high output power plant, she can open and close slipspace holes for ships engaged in battle that need to maneuver to a new position fast. This saves the commanders the trouble of charging their slipspace drives and plotting a carefully thought out course around the nearby planet or other gravitational body.