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Defense of Pluto VII
K30 1


Human-covenant war


february 2549

  • UNSC
  • Covenant

Fleet Admira Stephan Chow


1st Naval Armada

  • 15 Mac Platform

fleet of hight definity


3 Mac Platform

  • minimal Ships losses

all 45 Shis


Armada's first battle

1 mouth after the Armada was assembled, A large Covenant fleet was making is way throw the Pluto VIII system a large colony of about 2 billions of persone and the home of Fleetcomm sector 6. The 1st Naval Armada was in a patrole mission nothing special, At 01:23 the remote scanning post of the system detected a large silouette in slipspace.


Later, during the ceremony of the new armada, the remote canning post heard something strange, it was seeing to be a reator sound. all commisioned ships over the planet are prepae for the incoming battle.


To protect the city agains the covenant invading troop some frigate was dispached over a few city and military bases. Punching back the covenant fleet 3 frigate were able to destroy a covenant assault cruiser.

The frigate defending the capital against a Covenant assault cruiser

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