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Delmond Conagher
Delmond Conagher
Biographical Information

Quezon, Reach


August 22nd,2534

Physical Description





5 foot 6 inches


Close-cropped brown hair


Dark blue

Chronological and Political Information

Post Human-Covenant War


UNSC Marine Corps


"Hey look buddy, I'm an engineer; that means I solve problems. Not problems like 'What is beauty?', because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems, like how deep a foxhole has to be to survive a plasma mortar hit, and how to make Wraith tank-traps. Them practical problems."
―Delmond Conagher, shortly after graduation from the Combat Engineering course on Reach, circa 2550.

Sergeant (E-5) Delmond Conagher was a UNSC Combat Engineer, who served in the UNSC Marine Corps post-Human Covenant War.


Early Life

Delmond Conagher, Jr, was born on the 22nd of August, 2534, in the city of Quezon, on the planet of Reach. His parents, Delmond Sr and Elizabeth Conagher, were serving in the UNSC Marine Corps, and his parents were often deployed to various battlefields as a result.

He was cared for by his mother's sister, who was a Drill Instructor at the Special Operations school at Camp Hathcock. With his aunts assistance, he learned the art of discipline, as well as military bearing. Even at a young age, Delmond knew what profession he wished to work in when he came to age: a combat engineer.


  • Staff Sergeant Ivan Reznov - Reznov was Conagher's closest friend, and also his superior. They bonded while serving together in the last grim days of the Human-Covenant War.


  • Yes, this is the Team Fortress 2 Engineer. I just had to use him, as he is just a badass example of an engineer.

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