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Delta-4 Division
Unit information

Covert Action Unit


Office of Naval Intelligence


Covert Operations

Alternate names

Covert Operations Group


CovOpGru, COG


400 Operatives


Fort Hamill, Tantalus

Subordinate Units

Fade Cell
Ares Cell

Personnel information

Rear Admiral Ned Rich

Notable members

Walter N. Cardwell
Griffin Standoff (liaison)

Historical information
Current Status


The Delta-4 Division (also known as the Covert Operations Group, abbreviated to CovOpGru or COG), is an Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three sub-cell responsible for the UNSC's covert operations. It was headed by Rear Admiral Ned Rich until his death on the 2nd of April, 2551.

The division was in turn divided into a number of cells of its own (such as the Fade Cell), spread throughout UNSC territory to provide covert services wherever needed. The group would also on occassion form temporary cells for special purposes, such as the Ares Cell.


The Delta-4 Division has been active since the founding days of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Like the rest of ONI, the division is known to employ personnel from all of the UNSC's branches, whether it be for simple liaison purposes or recruitment. However, unlike the rest of the agency, the majority of Delta-4 is made up of non-Navy personnel, due to the majority of its numbers being drawn from the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and Army Special Forces operators.

Though it was initially only deployed against other humans - primarily insurgence or terrorist movements - it would also be forced to fight the Covenant with the outbreak of The Great War. The division's inability to produce results comparable to those of the SPARTAN-II Commandos became a source of contempt for the group's commander at the time, Ned Rich, towards Doctor Catherine Halsey, the head of the SPARTAN-II Program, and would influence the former's decision to approve the SPARTAN-III Program, the brainchild of Colonel James Ackerson, as well as his decision to participate in Project LEONIDAS.

Subordinate cells

  • Fade Cell - Led by Lieutenant Colonel Walter N. Cardwell, the Fade Cell is considered the top-tier unit of the Delta-4 Division, composed of veterans of hundreds of covert operations. The cell itself was divided into a small number of two-man detachments stationed on strategic points throughout UNSC space awaiting activation. Laszlo-108 was attached to this cell after his induction into Project LEONIDAS. Despite this, it failed to keep up with Halsey's SPARTAN-II platoon, a source of contempt for Admiral Rich.
  • Ares Cell - The Ares Cell was formed specifically for Project ARES, or the third class of the Spartan-II Program. After the "graduation" of the ARES candidates, the cell's personnel were reassigned to advisory roles with the new spartans' respective commanding officers or to other covert projects, the cell itself disbanded.

Known personnel