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The Incorruptible, lead ship of Delta Recon.

Delta Recon Group was a UNSC long-range patrol group destroyed in late 2616. Made up of two light frigates, the Vengeance and Sparrow, and a fast-attack destroyer, Incorruptible, Delta was often given assignments that sent them out for months on end without refit or support. They are credited with beginning the Fifty-Years' War after discovering a clandestine ship-building belonging to the Confederacy of Systems.


Delta Recon was formed in 2610 as a UNSC long-range patrol and scout unit. Led by Captain Logan Wolf, the three-vessel group soon proved its mettle after it was attacked by a destroyer commanded by Covenant extremists who refused to accept their defeat. Delta managed to destroy the enemy vessel, and Wolf was awarded the Silver Star for this victory.

After that, however, Delta was not involved in any actual combat apart from a few battles with pirates, and it was virtually forgotten until it discovered Admiral Davis' production facility and triggered the Fifty-Years' War.

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