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UNSC Civilian Development
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Civilian research division


The UNSC Department of Civilian Advancement (DCA), known colloquially as UNSC Civilian Development, was a branch of the United Nations Space Command devoted entirely to new the research and development of technologies intended for civilian life. It was formed in 2554, along with various other divisions, as per the United Nations' mass reformation of the era.

Backed ever so lightly by similar programs within the Office of Naval Intelligence, the DCA's civilian scientists most notably patented Venice 24, an ultra reactive, yet affordable, variety of solar panel that, while intended for exclusive use by the civilian populace, would be employed extensively by orbital, deep space, and surface military installations alike.

Following a sharp lack of funding between the years of 2602 and 2605 due in part to the ongoing Second Great War, the DCA was disbanded and its leftover assets were distributed throughout various other formations.

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