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Derek 'Charge' Marin
Biographical information

Côte d'Azur, Sigma Octanus IV

Date of birth

October 31, 2535

Physical description





Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Rebuild Era
"A steel eyed, ice blooded killer, Lance Corporal Marin is possessed of an innate compassion for his comrades, and a deep set antipathy for his foes. Recommend assignment to the ODST."
SPARTAN-A259, following the Battle at Szurdok Ridge.

Career Service Vitae

Early Life

―Jessica Dekeyser, to Derek.

Born in the city of Côte d'Azur, Derek was expected from day one to obey the rules of his father, a pilot in the UNSC Navy by the name Tristan Marin. Chafing under the pressure, Derek often sought comfort in the arms of his mother, a loving and gentle woman named Hannah. Derek loved his parents, but had trouble with expressing his love to his father, who absolutely terrified the boy with a strict physical and social regimen that left Derek utterly focused on his studies, and unable to make many friends.

However, tragedy struck when Derek was in his early teens. While he and his father were on a jog, a duo of petty theives broke into the family's home, and shot his mother dead for the pearls around her neck. Angered, both Derek and his father began to lash out at each other, verbally and physically. While Derek often went to school with bruises, inciting concern from his teachers, he apparently dealt similar injury to his father.

Depressed, Derek continued down a self-destructive spiral, but he found a light. While most of his classmates already treated him as a dangerous pariah, Jessica Dekeyser, an exchange student from Earth, reached out to him, and after a few weeks, Derek opened up to her. The two became great friends, and started a relationship near the beginning of their senior year of high school.

For a time, Derek was happy. While his own father had taken to drinking and Jessica's absolutely despised him, he and Jessica managed to make it work. The two loved each other, but the happiness ended near the end of the school year.

While out celebrating their upcoming graduation from the local Officers Academy by bar hopping, a group of drunk Naval cadets happened on the pair, who had just left the local theater. The cadets began making passes at Jessica, even though Derek warned them to keep walking. Continuing despite the couple's protests, one of the cadets groped Jessica, and Derek proceded to punch him in the face. The other cadets then fell on Derek, and beat him into unconsciousness, before dragging Jessica, kicking and screaming, into a nearby alley.

Facedown in a puddle of mud, Derek staggered to his feet to the sounds of Jessica's screams. Shaking off his wounds, Derek snapped a large branch off a nearby tree, and chased after Jessica and the cadets. When he found them, he brought the branch against one's head, killing him instantly. As the others moved to fight him, Derek laid into them, screaming for Jessica to run even as he broke a cadet's legs.

Jessica managed to find her purse, and called the police, leading them back to the alley. The duo of cops who first arrived on scene were met by a scene of carnage, with the cadets either dead or crippled, and Derek holding a handgun to it's owner's forehead. Derek very nearly shot the man, but Jessica's single, pleading word prevented him from pulling the trigger.

Despite Jessica's protests, the police detained Derek for manslaughter. As he languished in a cell and waited for his sentence, a man visited him in his cell. Introducing himself only as "Seven", the man offered Derek a job as an ONI operative, claiming that he had all the skills needed to be a highly successful field agent. Laughing, Derek turned the man down, asking instead to be allowed the opportunity to join the Marine Corps, claiming that "no member of the Navy has ever done me any good, and I don't want a part in it". The man acceded to Derek's wishes, and he was then shipped off to Reach for boot.

Basic Training

Arriving on Reach within the space of a few weeks, Derek was immediately immersed in military culture, and more importantly, training. Derek found himself one of the top students in any given class, but excelled at marksmanship, earning top marks on the shooting range, although he detested the assault rifle and other weapons like it. The drill instructers all found the young recruit to be amiable, following orders and assisting his squadmates whenever they needed it. Derek was briefly considered for leadership, but following events would put the idea out of everyone's mind.

Within two weeks of starting basic, the news arrived. The Covenant had found Sigma Octanus IV, and sacked Côte d'Azur. Anguished, Derek became an angry, foul-mouthed wildcard, and his potential promotion was shelved by the DIs, as they did not want to trust such a volatile soldier with the lives of others. However, it was during this time that Derek also discovered his aptitude for explosives, and he began to treat demolitions work as a puzzle, wondering how he could destroy any given structure to maximize efficiency, damage to the enemy, and pure "BOOM" factor. As such, he decided to specialize as a combat engineer, rather than a sniper, but he always retained a penchant for marksman's weapons.

The Fall of Reach

The Second Battle of Earth

Post-War Service


Strengths and Weaknesses







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