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Destruction of FT 258
Battle Scene


Human/Covenant war


January 2549


FT 258(covenant colony)


UNSC victory(destruction of the colony by a nova bomb)





Fleet Admiral Saul Kotor and Fleet Admiral Stephen Chow (in charge of the operation)


  • 200 ships
  • 2 fleets(including the 14th Nomad Fleet and The second assault fleet) and a Battle cruiser(as a prototype)
  • a armory station(for ships)
  • 100 Ships
  • 3 battles station
  • Minimal
  • 50 UNSC ships
  • all Colony including:
  • All ship
  • 3 battles station
  • 300,000 Troops
  • 98 millions of covenant civils
  • Planet allmost destroyed


One of the most dangerous mission ever made by the UNSC, the destruction of FT-258 was a mission to test the new fleet ofr the 14th Nomad Fleet.Regrouping 2 UNSC fleet, the mission was a orbital bombardment of a loyalist colony. The colony was under the command of a minor prophet and guard by a fleet of 100 ships and 3 battles station.


A very large fleet exit the slipspace containning 200 ships from UNSC. The UNSC form a defensive perimeter to stop the the uncomming escape ship from the loyalist. One of the UNSC supper carrier fire all is MAC cannons and destroy the first battle station.


The UNSC Duality, a Battle Cruiser,deploy the enormous strenght on it board. The rest of the fleets larg their fighter and engage the enemy flag ships. After the Duality engage the ennemi flag ship.


All UNSC Suppers Carriers and the Duality start to bombardment on the surface, also this Carriers use their pulses cannons to destroy the Loyalist cities.
Battle 2

Covenant ships attacked by the UNSC invading fleet


The fleet protecting FT-258 suffer of heavily losses the Flagship is destroye and the seraph have not enought puch to take out the UNSC fleet.


The space battle end, the UNSC prepare to lauch a nova bomb to kill the last remainning force on the surface and destroy the planet.Thus the UNSC Duality larg the explosive and enter in slipspace to join the fleet on Minister.