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Dominator-class Carrier
Production information


Technical specifications


  • 34 Pulse Lasers
  • 30 Plasma Cannons
  • Point Defence Plasma Cannons
  • carrier

Necros War





The Dominator-class Carrier, successor to the Covenant Carrier, is a heavy warship classification within the USR Navy. It's primarily role is the support of large fleet actions with the deployment of numerous fighter classifications to combat enemy ships. For this role, it has cavernous inside bays, carrying hundreds of ships, including Seraph light fighters, Cherub medium fighters, Ophan heavy fighters, Archangel interdictors, Kappa refuellers, Cacodemon reconnaissance aircraft and a sizeable ground compliment feature heavy armoured vehicles, Aerial combat vehicles such as the Banshee and numerous dropships for transport to the ground, as well as a gravity lift.

The Dominator is well armed and armoured, but is rarely close to a fight, usually being near to centre or rear echelons of a battlegroup. The Dominator has ample command and control systems, but these are devoted wholly to the coordination of the fight compliment, and the commander of the squadron or fleet is usually posted on Reverence-class Grand Cruisers, or Venerator-class Assault Carriers.

UNSC Remarks

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