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"The extrodinary is in what we do not who we are and this of course apply to him.In the end he always knew what to do at the right time. He allowed us to beleive again. I only wish he could have see the hope he gaves us. Hope he still kick ass in heaven. REMEMBER THE 2OTH OF OCTOBER... The day mankind granted it rightfull place in the univers. SEMPER FIDELIS!


―Dominique Viery

Dominique Viery
Biographical information

Reach, Pálháza

Date of birth

March 11th 2573

Physical description

Lieutenant Colonel


M7A Submachine Gun

Chronological and political information

UNSC 1st Field Army, 5th army corps 1st Airbone Division(Delta Force); UNSC Military Assistance Command


The Fall of Reach

The Viery was one ofthe first colonist familly to arrive at Reach even giving their name to the famous Viery Territory. Dominique's parents played proeminent figure during Invasion of Reach during the summer 2552 as member of the Reach's senat. On August 23 2552 the covenant breached the UNSC defence in New Alexandria capturing every humans in their way.Altough her mother was able to be evacuated by the Army Dominique's father was taken for execution by Brutes force. All hope were lost untill 1534h when Spartan B-312 entered the city. Blowing right inside the Covenant force killing the brute that was about to assassinate her father thus sparing her future life. Later that Viery's parents were evacuated from the system to the Sol System surviving the Battle of the Sol System. The would later be one of the few lucky familly to come back to reach in 2555 after it liberation by the 1st Naval Armada to assure a civil gouvernment for the pre-colonisation program that would start in July 2589.


Born in Pàlhaza 21 years after the fall of Reach, Dominique growned up on a devastated that heavily suffered from the Human-Covenant war. For the first 10 years of her life the planet was on the state of Martial law in July 2589 the UNSC authorized a massive rebuilt effort on the colony alowing Dominique to see a off worlder. It would later be her motivation to join her local militia the first step to become an army soldier.

Military reccord

The Army

In June 2590 the 1st army was in need of men for it Reach garrison, at 17 years old Dominique joined the 1st army. After the dril of 6 month she was able to enter the regular force of the 1st army, it would not take a while until she show great ability in recon operation. Considering she was too young to enter the prestigious delta force of the UNSC army she spend the next 4 years in the Epsilon Eridani System.

Delta Force

in April 2594 she was selected to joined the Delta Force Training group at Fort Braggs in North California, the only place in the UNSC territory where the Delta Force are trained. After training she was selected by the ONI as a military advisor for uncoventional warfare and covert action operation.

ONI agent, Black Ops unit

During this time, the UNSC were dealing with an incusion from the covenant Remnants in it border world. She leaded during this time conducted many classified operations for the ONI. It was during this time that she was noticed by General Francis Davidson that would later recruit her for it Military assistance Command.