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Production information

Robert Mclees Shipyards


Troop Transport/Light Corvette

Technical specifications
Maximum speed (Space)

High for vessel of size

Maximum speed (atmosphere)


Engine unit(s)

twin subthrust engines

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity


Power plant

twin powerline fusion reactors




camoflauged titanium b


Twin HHM-200 High Heat Missile Launchers, Point Defense Chaingun, 702 Defensive Orbital Mines


1 Pilot, 1 Gunner, 4 Bridge crew, 5 Engineering Technicians

Minimum crew

1 Pilot


150 Troops

Cargo capacity

150 Troops, 1 Scorpion, Four Mongooses,


Light Corvette/Scout/Troop Transport




The Draco-Class Light Corvette replaces the rapidly aging Scorpious-Class Invasion Craft. The Draco was designed to work either independently, on board a capital ship, or as part of a fleet. The draco was one of the smallest vessels to receive a slipspace drive at the time of it's installation into the fleet. The Draco function's mainly as a troop carrier/scout, using it's small size to infiltrate systems in question and hide beneath the echos of larger ships. The Draco is not heavily armed; it has on two HHM-200 High Heat Missiles, a single point defense chaingun, and 702 Orbital Defense Mines. The draco has a camoflauge paint job, and is still after years of service, a leading transport in the fleet, with some extra features that Pelicans and Albatross do not have.




The bay of the Draco.

The Draco has three levels; the bay, the midsection, and the upperlevel. The bay uses a magnetic field to trap oxygen and such inside it while in space travel, and is big enough to house a scorpion and possibly several warthogs. It has a small station of three terminals on one side, which are used to monitor the magnetic field, and a stairway on the other side leading up to the middle level.



The bridge

On the middle level, the stairway emerges into a back passage, which seperates into two passages, one on each side of the ship. The back passage runs the lengh of the back of the ship. The hallways go forward all the way to the front of the ship. Halfway to the front of the ship, a hallway crosses the middle of the ship, connecting both hallways. At the middle front of this new hallway is the entrance to the bridge. On the bridge their are three main veiw screens, a piloting console at the front, and four engineering consoles at the back. At the very front middle of the draco the weapons consoles rests, away from the other bridge consoles. It has at it's disposal the main viewport of which to look out of. On the right hallway, after passing the stairwell that leads up to the next level, the auxiallury bridge rests, halfway between the back of the ship and the bridge, which is of course, in the middle.

The gunnery console.


The Auxillary Bridge.



The Conference Room

The upper level is similar to the middle level, but on a slightly smaller scale. It again has two hallways, one on each side, and a back hallway, but it stops where the bridge is on the middle. At the very front middle of the upper level, there is the conference room, adorned with a soda machine and a large table. On the left hallway, there is the engineering control room, which controls the power levels of the engines. The conference room also doubles as a barracks, with fold out beds.

The Engineering Room

Also, on the left of the conference room entrance, there is a airlock leading to the outside of the ship.

Draco Layout