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Biological information


Larval form of


Adult form of



2 years

Physical description



Various shades of grey

  • Most intelligent non-Tier 3 form
  • Capable of learning and sentient thought
Military and Political information
Other Names
  • Wraith
  • Demon
  • Bug
Hive Status ranking


Swarm Tier

Tier 2


The Swarm

"Nameless, faceless, merciless; what you see is what you get."
―Anonymous UNSC Marine

The Drone was one of the many subspecies that collectively made up The Swarm. Utilised as basic infantry forces, the Drone was the most commonly encountered Swarm subspecies and considered by many as representing 'the face of the enemy'- Drones were the most humanoid of the Swarm's diverse forms and thus the ones most easily depicted as the enemy. Encountered in battle as shock troops, 'cannon fodder' and vehicle crews, Drones were formidable opponents, intelligent, cunning and vicious in the extreme.


The Swarm employed the Drone subspecies in myriad different roles within its conglomerate, though its most common role was as an shock infantry force. Within the Swarm's infantry forces Drones made up the majority of individuals and thus were the most commonly encountered during infantry attacks, often in large numbers. Drones were employed in a relatively simple fashion as infantry used to engage enemy positions, most often their superior numbers overwhelming their target. This was not to say that they were not intelligent; Drones were intelligent enough to man vehicles and act as tactical commanders in small-scale battlefield scenarios, and were capable of planning and executing tactics in a manner similar to most fully sentient species. Drones were, for the most part, skilled and formidable foes, adept with both ranged and melee weapons and equipped with frightening strength. The older a Drone was, the more physically powerful it was and the higher it was terms of societal and military ranking, with the oldest commanding vehicle formations or large numbers of infantry, similar to field commanders.

Known subspecies of The Swarm

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