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"The whole Brute convoy was rolling down the highway right at us, moving in formation. I loaded a EXCALIBUR sabot shell and aimed right for the front hull of the Wraith, where the armour is thickest. The round went straight through the three lead Wraiths and then stopped halfway through the fourth, stuck in the gut of the Captain piloting it."
―Sergeant Argus Giles

EXCALIBUR is a next generation composite material used by the UNSC to in their new generation ordnance. EXCALIBUR is a 'brilliant' material that was developed from 'AEGIS' to use in ordnance.


Much of EXCALIBUR is wrapped in classified documents, but what is told of the material is its a light weight and strong ceramic material. The material, like it's cousin, AEGIS, is a light weight ceramic, weighing roughly as much as steel, that is incredibly strong (it has a mohs hardness in excess of diamond), though it's heat resistance is much lower. It's crystalline structure is capable of self sharpening to a nanometre point for use in spitzer-style ammunition. The munition itself carries enough kinetic energy and is resistant enough to penetrate well in excess of the penetration capable of DU and Tungsten (and tungsten derivative munition). Combining this with fused alloy technology, the round develops into a shotgun like blast inside organic targets. The material has been specifically engineered to develop pyrophroic capabilities under correct circumstances, allowing EXCALIBUR munitions to have incendiary after affects, similar to depleted uranium munitions.

EXCALIBUR-Beta is a derivative product, that is used in fragmentation weaponry, such as high explosive munitions, fragmentation munitions and grenades. EXCALIBUR-Beta is purposely designed in a flat or ball like structure then the crystalline structure reforms into a spike like munition with a 1 nanometre point when hit with a explosive force, like explosively formed penetrators. Each 'shrapnel plate' or 'ball' is designed around a central structure then several conjoined structures, which fracture off into smaller shrapnel when blown up.

EXCALIBUR-Gamma is used in is HEAT warheads, over coating a layer of copper, inside a conical structure, like more conventional Copper HEAT warheads. Like the Beta form, when hit by the explosive charge, the EXCALIBUR-Gamma coating undergoes super plasticity and forms a a volatile jet of molten metal with a solid penetrating rod of EXCALIBUR-Gamma with a 1 nanometre edge at the centre. The copper jet, mixed with shards of EXCALIBUR-Gamma, punches a hole and isn't stopped by ceramic armour and then allows the slightly slower penetrating rod to go through what is left of the armour.

EXCALIBUR-Delta is paramagnetic, unlike other forms of EXCALIBUR, or AEGIS, allowing them to be used in magnetic rounds. Like other EXCALIBURmunitions, it is self sharpening, pyrophoric, harder than diamond and tough enough to cut right through tungsten or ceramic armour.

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