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Eayn Military Arms
Organizational information

Kig-Yar Senate

Led by

Kig-Yar Senate



Primary role(s)

Producing vehicles for the Kig-Yar Union Military

Major Products

Fixed USR Vehicles to fit the Kig-Yar's physique

Chronological and political information



Necros War


Kig-Yar Union


Eayn Military Arms is a weapons and vehicles modifier corporation founded by the Kig-Yar Senate. Several Machina from the Jastenon Lineage joined this corporation to aid it in its effort, and helped it construct the Kig-Yar Point Defence Barrier.


The Corporation was founded in 2580. The corporation was tasked with modifying the vehicles and ships that the Kig-Yar imported from other corporations. The modifying included both to make the vehicles more suited to the Kig-Yar's military strategy, while also done so that the Kig-Yar could use them easier. For example, the Ghost and Spectre had to be made smaller so that the Kig-Yar could use them, though they also received speed amplifiers to suit their strategy. The corporation is funded and protected by the Senate and the Grand Senator, but acts individually.

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