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The Ebonfire Support Drone

The Ebonfire Support Drone is a Plainsfierian fire support drone, used by Plainsfier armed forces.


The Ebonfire is a close fire support Drone used by Plainsfierian forces, operating as independant fire support of infantry forces. The drone uses a anti-gravity generator to maintain height and power and gathers information with optical, infra-red, RADAR, LIDAR and motion sensors, and is supported with a RADAR/radio receiver and cyber warfare protection system. The drone's CPU is powerful enough to preform combat operations without outside input and can generate it's own mission parameters. The drone is armed with a personal shield and Phased Array Optical Camouflage. The drone is armed with a rifle based on the Type-X Velocity Rifle, with a 13 round magazine. The drone primarily acts as a independent sniper and anti-tank drone, providing highly accurate and devastating fire in support of infantry forces.

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