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This is a text adventure, and it will be a big one.

The year is 2567. You are an eighteen year old boy from the small rubble city of Edigo, which contains a number of survivors on Reach. Many of your friends are involved with the Colonial Revolutionaries, a group of over ten thousand people looking to create their own nation and overthrow the UNSC's control of what's left of Reach and seventeen other war-torn colonies. However, you are also quite interested in the UNSC military, especially the Navy. Your mother would be able to pull some strings to get you in command of a frigate and squadron two years after you graduate the Naval Academy. However, your friend Jason has ties within the Revolutionaries and could get you a job as a smuggler with some help and may even trade with the Sangheili rebel group Swords of Prosperity, where you could ascend into even larger rebel groups.

If you wish to follow the path of legality, join the UNSC Navy and enroll in the Naval Academy.

If you wish to risk your life for riches and easy power, join the Colonial Revolutionaries.