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Epitadeus e
Epitadeus e
General Information

Epitadeus System


Epitadeus I, Epitadeus II

Orbital Characteristics

Sobek, Throth, Niparia

Physical Characteristics
Equatorial Radius

13.139 Earths

Polar Radius

12.9409 Earths

Equatorial Surface Gravity

9.19 G

Axial Tilt



nitrogen 42%, methane 24%, oxygen 13%, argon 11%, ozone 9%

"Cold, harsh, and inhospitable; it provides a nice view at best."
―anonymous colonist of Hope

Epitadeus e is a large, icy gas giant in orbit of Epitadeus I, the Epitadeus System's primary star. Although it is inhospitable to human life, one of it's natural satellites, Niparia, just meets the necessary requirements.

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