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Chieftain of the Jiralhanae during Covenant-Jiralhanae War


Jiralhanae Alliance


Erebus was the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae during the Conquering of the Jiralhanae.


Chieftain of the largest Jiralhanae pack, Erebus had managed to take over more than half the other packs and had nearly succeeded in ending the Jiralhanae Civil War when the Covenant arrived in the Oth Sonin System.

Erebus led a valiant and spirited attempt at fending off the Covenant from the mountain-jungles of Doisac, which the Covenant would not glass for fear of harming the Forerunner relics were housed on and within them – the very relics that had brought them to the system.

Erebus’ demise came at last when he led an all-out charge against the Covenant’s camp: after a month and a half of fighting and the death of their Arbiter, Erebus believed that a small force of 300 Jiralhanae would be able to fight and defeat a demoralized army. However, the Prophets had already elected a new Arbiter, and the troops had been refreshed with reinforcements: in the ensuing fight, most of the Jiralhanae were killed, and after a duel with the Arbiter, Erebus too was killed and his Cudgel, a symbol to the Jiralhanae, was broken to pieces.

Onesimus, a pupil of Erebus, became the next Chieftain, taking for himself a newly-made weapon known as the Fist of Rukt – named for a young warrior of myth – a weapon that had been forged from the broken remains of the Cudgel of Erebus. However, within two weeks the war ended, and the Jiralhanae were forced to join the Covenant.


Erebus was tall, taller than most Jiralhanae, and he had dark red fur. He carried with him an ancient Jiralhanae weapon, an automatic crossbow, as well as a hunting knife and his massive cudgel.

Erebus’ personality was always one that demanded respect, but at the same time he thought of his brothers-in-arms’ well being also. Erebus believed that anything was possible, and never gave up hope that the horridly outmatched Jiralhanae could defeat the massive Covenant Empire.

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