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Eres is a planet in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, approximately 12,000 lightyears away from Earth. It was once the flourishing homeworld of the Viratta until global warming forced them to relocate, though the world has been partially terraformed to maintain a population of just one million, which is just a small amount compared to its peak population of nine billion. The planet itself was quite Earth-like albeit moderately warmer.


In 2288 UNSC Time, global warming had forced the planet into a whirl of mighty storms and rising seas accomodated by recurring crop failures. In order to establish a hope to survive, the many enemy nations of the planet banded together in a race to establish colonies on three of its twelve moons. In 2292, 18,000 volunteers were sent to each moon, though one failed within two weeks. The second failed months later, though the last one flourished. This one, known as Il'Youk began its terraforming in 2294 and had a total of 400,000 colonists the same year. As the population of Ares slowly transitioned to Il'Youk, freighters began carrying large amounts of water to the moon where it was stored in orbit in massive tanks and underground in even larger reservoirs. In addition, a small ocean was created in a 400 mile-wide crater to the south along with thirty rivers flowing into it. The colony grew and grew until the entire surface became a fully developed planet while only one large city remained on Ares.