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Erhu 'Rhcal


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Plasma Rifle and Energy Sword v3





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Leader of the Peace Corps and first non-human Ship Captain in the UNSC


Covenant Separatists



Born 2515, according to the Human Gregorian Calender. At the age 25, this Elite created the Peace Corps of Sanghelli. Under his direction more Elites starting joining this corps. His crew tryed a Coup de etat, but failed. He removed the ee suffix from his name, the first Elite to do so even before the Schism in the Covenant. Instead of the Prophets killing him off, they decided to have him watch all of his crew suffer and be called heretics. Their bodies were carried throughout the streets and Elites got to do whatever they wanted with them. He was thrown in jail to stay there in a prison. He was put on the planet of Disgleirio, named after the Elite God Disgleir. Disgleirio means Energy Force, roughly translated. In the year 2550 he was pardoned of everything he had done and then given a rank. He only fought in one armed combat on the planet earth, but was able to save multiples of people with his tactics. He was given the Elite Equtyl Award, Equtyl Elite meaning "of the Highest honor", the equal of the Humans Metal of Honor. After the war he was unfortunately struck with the human disease of Cancer. He asked to be put into cryogenic freezing in order to wait until they have a cure because this is the first time a human disease had ever crossed over into the Elites bodies. The cure was finally found and he was taken out of cryogenic freezing, but to his great sadness the Humans and the Elites were fighting in a new war, a war against a new kind of enemy. He was given command of a ship after he had bought it from the money given to him by the UNSC because his case was the only one that would ever spring up. He was authorized as a ship captain. He was given multiples of troops to send in and fight. His ship is called the Disgleirio of the Gods, only Human ship to be allowed to be named using the Elite naming system.

Behind the Scenes

  • Originally, Erhu was a character devised by former administrator, bureaucrat and HF co-founder H*Bad. However, upon his departure from the wikia, all his articles were given to the author
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