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"We are a long lived race. We were tired of war. All we ever wanted was peace. But the Flood changed everything."
Biological information


Physical description



Varies, usually slim

Skin color

Pale, Blue


tall, slender, use of telekineis

Military and Political information

The Imperium of the Forbears

Notable Individuals

Rovivrus Heritos

Other Names
  • The Forbears
  • The Followers
  • The Fair Ones
"We, as a species, take an unbreakable oath to serve you, The Forerunners. We will be the ones that will stand by your side, to fight with you, to die with you. All we ask, is to not be enslaved, but to be part of your rule as a sovereign state and ally.."
― An Oath that The Imperium had taken after they allied with The Forerunners


"Our species was horrified by the devastation that had occured. We killed our brethren, the ones who didn't want this but we had to. For our sake. We grew sick of fighting. We didn't want this. Therefore our race went out to take out all aggression on our planet. With this, we achieved a state of mind. We achieved eternal peace. Fighting, only when the need arises. We would rather stay in our world, doing the arts, music and literature."
―An excerpt from The Esrevinu's Text



  • The Vinciantes (technically considered a millitary unit. But the Elders decide not to engage in fighting however. Some do take active roles however)
  • Esrevinu Pyshic Millitary Forces
  • Order of The Sentinels (exclusive, considered the Elite)


  • High Archons:
    • Archon:
  • Senior Judicators:
    • Judicators:
  • Higher Physler:
    • Physler:
  • Senior Zealers:
    • Zealers Grade 2:
    • Zealers:
  • Overseer
  • Warden:
  • Watcher:





The Imperium of the Forbears
Political information
Type of government


Founding document

Declaration of Peace and Unity

Head of State

7 Councils


7 Councils and Viciantes (including Order of The Sentinels)

Societal information


Official language
  • Esrevinu language
  • Forerunner Language
State religious body

Way of the Esrevinu

National holiday

Our Savant

Historical information
Formed from

Emirate of Britixia

Date of establishment

168,532 B.C.E.

Date of fragmentation

157,385 B.C.E.

Date of reorganization

157,361 B.C.E.

Date of dissolution

The Firing of the Halo Array




"The Gods, they came to us in their eternal glory. In an act of grace, they brought us to our world. And opened our eyes. Teaching us. Guiding us. And to us, we were opened to a new world. We wanted to stay, but they gave us a mission. To stay in our world and teach our people of what they taught. And in doing so, we will be united."
―One of the Brothers

The Esrevinu Religion was a variety of Gods. They said that long ago, before they came into existence. There were the 9 Elder Gods. The 9 Gods ruled the outer plane and their world. The Elders grew bored and decided to create new beings. These beings would be their children, The Younger or Lesser Gods. Their offspring were extremely different, preferring to create life. They disobeyed the Elder Gods' proclamation about the creation of life and went to Britixia, where they crafted or created the living beings on that world. When the Elder Gods discovered the disobedience, they became angered and went on to punish their children.

Their punishment meant death. However, one of The Elder Gods disapproved of their initiative and went to warn the Lessers. After the God told the Lessers, it was immediatley found out and was executed. Then the Elders went out and went to exterminate their children. However, the Lessers were prepared and fought with full force. This war "Eternal War" as it was called by the Lessers was a long conflict that killed most of Lesser Gods, leaving only 6 of them alive. All the Elders were either killed or were exiled into another plane. With them gone, the Lessers went out to their creations and went to guide them, retaining all the aspects of nature and watch over them. And to the Lessers, the Elder God that warned them was considered to be their patron......... Read more on this article.


There are Six Alive Lesser Gods that protect and guide the Esrevinu.

  • Telelonos
  • Zeratul
  • Kayevod
  • Illivuntar
  • Watchelin
  • Shadothawn


Planets and Systems

The territories of the Esrevinu or the Imperium of the Forbears is considered to be large, inhabiting a considerable piece of the galaxy but the Forerunners were still larger in comparison. Other than their territories, they have several colonies and outpost in the far reaches, simply known as frontier worlds. Still, the Esrevinu are allies to the Forerunners and are under their juridistinction but they do not have to follow their orders, being a soveriegn state. However, they choose to aid each other in times of need, meeting its clmax in ther Forerunner-Flood War.

  • Britxia is the Esrevinu's homeworld and it acts as their capital of their government
  • Nisir Evol was an Esrevinu System that acts as the frontier and it serves as an early warning beacon
  • Enimsaj II and Einna III are the closest planets to Britixia and they acts as their main source of Technology Prodction and Weapons Manufacturing. Above Einna III are several Stardocks where they produce all known available starcraft.
  • Desrever Ytuaeb was a highly rennowned planet for it was terraformed by the Esrevinu and given the name The Garden.

Ground Bases

Space Fortresses


  • The user thought of this when he wanted to create a follower race which eventually led to this.
  • Morals derived from LOTR Elves and the user's morals
  • APS decided to use the protoss, because he is simply fascintated by him. Also considered to be one of his best.
  • Esrevinu is just universe spelled backwards.
  • The Eternal Conflict of the Esrevinu and the The Corrupted is a nod to Starcraft, with the Protoss and the Zerg.
  • The 7 Council is a reference to 7.