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The Extra Planetary Wide Web (EPWW) is a United Nations Space Command communications and file transfer network.


Communications protocol

The UNSC Text Transfer Protocol (UNCSTTP) is an Application Layer protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. UNSCTTP is a request-response protocol standard for client-server computing. In UNSCTTP, a web browser, for example, acts as a client, while an application running on a computer hosting the website acts as a server. The client submits UNSCTTP requests to the responding server by sending messages to it. The server, which stores content (or resources) such as files and images, or generates such content on the fly, sends messages back to the client in response. These returned messages may contain the content requested by the client or may contain other kinds of response indications.

Communications system

Originally, requests did not always yield totally up-to-date conent due to the fact that prior to the First Great War, all UNSC communications technology was speed-of-light only. Courier ships would usually carry messages and up-to-date content to and from colonies and the primary hub at Earth, downloading it into every colony's central server.

Today, however, the web is based entirely on a network of Slipstream Packet-linked networks, allowing (for example) a Wikipedia edit made on, or a message sent from, one side of UNSC space to be available to someone on the other side in a matter of hours by bouncing it across multiple networks, rather than the months it would have originally taken to spread through the whole of UNSC space with the use of courier ships.


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