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Ophan fighter
Production information


Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

[Plasma Fusion Drive


equivalent of UNSC Grade 2

  • 4 super heavy plasma cannons
  • 2 Heavy Particle Cannons
  • 2 heavy plasma cannons
  • six Heavy Plasma Launchers
  • 1 pilot
  • 1 Co-pilot
  • 2 Gunners

Necros War




The F-105 Ophan is a USR heavy fighter craft.


The Ophan began life as the USR's first internally developed fighter after the civil war, being designed, constructed and tested by the Justiciars, in alliance with several Armouries, Merchant Guilds, in order to create a fighter of unparalleled lethality. The Ophan began development as a simple long distance fighter, intended to escort convoys, ships without fighter compliments, for armed reconnaissance and most commonly imagined role being escort of Interdictors. However, as development continued, it was expanded to be able to strike capital ships itself, representing the 'first wave' of long range craft strike.

When they began designing, one of the Justiciar engineers wrote a phrase on the wall of the research space, from the book of Unending Seasons, writer by Kaidon Ther 'Vadam. The phrase was in relation to military strategies, in accordance to defeating threats, before they even realise they are a threat and read 'Strike hard, strike fast, leave no defence in your wake and none can stand against you'. The Ophan lives up to that maxim in every aspect. The majority of the Ophan's weight consists of on-board reactor, armour and engines, and little else. As a result, its relatively fast, well armed and capable of surviving a great amount of punishment before it even begins to lose functionality. It has a high power shielding emitter for surviving harm, and a large number of on-board weapons, with four forward facing heavy plasma cannon, two heavy particle cannons, one turret carrying two heavy plasma cannons, situated to cover the majority of the fighter. It also has six weapon pods, allowing it to augment its fire power against other space craft, ground targets or, most usually, against capital ships. The Ophan is also fitted with a small, but efficient slipspace drive, allowing it to travel across star systems with ease, giving Carriers the ability to launch strikes from long distances.

The Ophan is used to engage heavily defended craft, that require substantial firepower to stop, such as bombers, and to engage capital ships with heavy defences and plenty of escorts.

UNSC Remarks

"I've flown one of these things, and as awesome as it is to be behind 8 plasma cannons, I like my Claymore and it's guided missiles better. I mean, why get up close if you don't have to!"
―Major Ross East Jr., UNSC Air Force

Notable Squadrons

  • Ophan Squadron
  • Zealous Squadron

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