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Fauchard Team
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Of all the generations of SPARTAN supersoldiers produced by either the II or III Programs, Gamma Company was the most unusual. Though not as genetically ideal as the II class, Gamma Company recruits benefited from the extensive experience garnered from their predecessor generations, Alpha and Beta, as well as being trained by Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose, formerly Kurt-051. Furthermore, Gamma benefitted from the refinements and advances made to the original SPARTAN-II augmentation procedures, gradually improved over the Alpha and Beta classes, and enjoyed the lowest washout rate of any Spartan group. However, there were drawbacks to the Gammas that cannot be overlooked - the presence of cerebellum and neocortex mutagens would dramatically improve the augmentee's endurance, aggression, ability to withstand pain and otherwise push their bodies past even Spartan limits. Doing so, however, presents dangers that were never anticipated by those who ordered them - by removing pain as a factor, Gamma Company members found it difficult to gauge the severity of wounds sustained, a glaring flaw.

Fauchard Team epitomise this new generation of warrior. Fitted with MJOLNIR Mark V Powered Assault Armour originally intended for the SPARTAN-II generation, Fauchard saw deployment in 2552 at the age of fifteen, in the last year of the Human-Covenant War. Participating in the campaign at Minorca, and then in the defence of Earth, Fauchard would later serve in the War of Vengeance, participating in special operations strikes against Blood Covenant targets, and would continue to serve during the Second Great War, losing one member, Michael-G111. Throughout both conflicts, Fauchard proved themselves to be capable and driven warfighters, and would deal estensively in combating both Sangheili and Jiralhanae threats, becoming proficient at dealing with both enemy types.



Combat Deployment

Human-Covenant War

Mandorla Campaign

War of Vengeance

Given the extensive classification that surrounds all Spartan units, as well as how much is still known for groups such as Baselard or Kukri, themselves considered top secret, it is surprising that the vast majority of Fauchard's operations during this period remain obscure. Two possibilities exist - that the missions were not documented, sometimes a neccessity especially in Spartan deployments, or that the mission files were destroyed to cover up their existence. Investigations by Operation: VORAUSSICHT would turn up nothing of relevance besides their existence, though it is likely that Fauchard were deployed against Insurrectionist cells or other itnernal threats. With the UNSC still on the verge of political collapse, such operations would have been a neccessity. They may also have participated in strikes against Blood Covenant forces, as well as Sangheili secessionists.

Second Great War

Third Great War


  • Lileas-G332 - team leader, sniper/spotter
  • Wiremu-G402 - close-quarters combat specialist
  • David-G017 - designated marksman
  • Michael-G111 - electronics expert, KIA 2567