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40px-Terminal.png This article, Fenix Syndrome, was written by Jawsredfield. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
The Fenix Syndrome is a culture-bound syndrome which affects very few people. The Syndrome is not a harmful Syndrome, unlike the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The Fenix syndrome is a Unknown Syndrome, as the cause can not be found in society or Culture since 2624. The First case of The Fenix Syndrome was recorded in 2145, listed as "Human immunodeficiency virus early stages." However, the next case with Study's from Medical Staff, The only effect that could be seen was the Paitent complaning of a pain whenever one of the main effects of the Syndrome happened. However, The Paitent was unwilling to co-oporate with the Medical Staff, as to worries of being decleared of Mentally Insane. The Next Case, however, appeared 110 years later, in a new born baby called Jon Harper. As the baby couldn't talk, The Medical Staff at ONI stole the baby, and studied the Baby.

Medical Officer Dominic Fenix Artic. He noted that when ever the baby screamed, the blood pressure would increase at different parts of the body, even more so when a Medical Officer would say something offhandedly about past paitents. Dominic, or Fenix as the others called him, believed that the baby was having visions of what happened in the past. On Jon's 8th birthday, He told the ONI Medical Staff that if he had enough detail about a past event, he would get rought images of what took place, but whenever it did happen, he would suffer a minor pain in a random part of the body. As ONI tested Jon, they also noted his abilty to notice something that he hadn't been told about, and saw it well before anyone else did. This also caused the minor Pain, but it showed ONI all the effects of Syndrome, which was soon to be Called the Fenix Syndrome.

Known Cases

  • Jon Harper
  • Robert Powell

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