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Shifting Sands
General Information
Orbital Characteristics
  • 2 moons
Physical Characteristics
  • 70% Nitrogen
  • 29.3% Oxygen
  • 0.7% other gases

The Jiralhanae colony known as Ferinus was the site of a series of conflicts which occurred as a result of the Ferinus Campaign, a planet-wide campaign to begin an enormous search of Forerunner artifacts and to unlock the secrets of this planet. With many continents and different biomes, Ferinus is a diverse planet. However, it also holds a secret unknown to many.

Ferinus was once a Forerunner colony and still houses much of the machinery and cities underneath the ones the Jiralhanae have built. Some of Ferinus' Forerunner machinery - including automatons such as Sentinels, are still active. The cities and the relics of the former Forerunner world work like cogs in a machine - constantly moving and shifting. One of the former cities is in one of Ferinus' most well-known landmarks - the Shifting Mountains, aptly named due to the Forerunner machines changing the geometry, shape and position of the mountain peaks and paths every 24 hours.