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Fey'R Ird
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Physical description

Minor to Shipmaster






5 feet, 6 inch

  • Plasma Pistol
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Beam Rifle
  • SMG
  • Covenant Carbine
  • Needler
  • Magnum
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Covenant: Holy Lace Division



Fey'R Ird is a Kig-Yar from Eayn He originally joined the covenant as a mercenary but soon was adopted into the Covenant's religion. He is a very calm and logical and unlike other Kig-Yar he is right-handed and a poor shot. When he joined the Covenant they sent him to guard a Forerunner structure, The Silent Cartographer, there at the moment was an Unggoy That goes by the name Jub-Jub. Who very quickly became one of few friends he had.

The Beginning

Fey'R Ird was posted at The Silent Cartographer, He stood by the entrance of the main building that led to the map room. Every day was always quiet and boring. The only other company was Jub-Jub; a Mentally Unstable Unggoy Prone to Panic and mood swings. Both stood in silence until Jub-Jub started trowing rocks at the sea. "What are you doing now?" Jub-Jub turned and said "Worms in water, me kill." Fey'R Deactivated his Defense gauntlet and slowly moved toward Jub-Jub because at a few instances he hit Fey'R on the back of his head. Jub-Jub picked up several more rocks and ran to the shore Fey'R watched him toss stone after stone until he jumped in glee, and ran into the water, he came out with an eel-like creature. Fey'R ran down toward the beach and look at the dead creature in Jub-Jub's arms. Fey'R was puzzled and Jub-Jub shouted "ONE!" Fey'R took the eel-like creature from Jub-Jub and examined it. "What is this thing?" Jub-Jub shrugged and said "It look like Worm." Fey'R looked up at Jub-Jub "Is it edible?" a few moments later there was a small fire and the eel-creature was roasting in it. Jub-Jub stood up and pointed at the sky there was a Spirit drop-ship incoming, when it landed and two Sangheilli one was a Major Domo and the other was a Zealot Field Master. The Sangheilli walked over toward the Unggoy and Kig-Yar The Sangheilli Zealot asked in a calm voice "You two tell me wheres the rest of your troop?" Fey'R exchanged glances with Jub-Jub and looked back at the Zealot "Were all that's left." the Zealot look at the Major Domo, the Sangheilli nodded the Zealot walked back to his ship and said "You two are as of now assigned a new mission." Fey'R and Jub-Jub stood up and the Major Domo explained "Our mission is now to intercept any enemy ship's and... What in our lords name is that?" Jub-Jub lifted up the eel-like creature from the small fire and offered some to him. The Major Sangheilli just turned and went back to the spirit. Fey'R and Jub-Jub boarded the spirit and took off away from the quiet tropical island.

Meeting the Chief

Jub-Jub was outfitted in his new Unggoy Major armor, and Fey,R received the newest model of the Kig-yar Point Defense Gauntlet, both on a boarding craft awaiting the Humans on board, Fey'R was the only Kig-Yar on the mission since all other of his species are very paranoid and panicky during boarding action and do not fight properly, yet he was fairly okay with boarding other ships. Suddenly a large clang cut through the silence of space and they boarded the Humans ship, The Pillar of Autumn. The lance of troops burst out of the Boarding craft weapons, raised and ready to fire, it was not long until a platoon of marines came armed to the teeth. Their assault rifles sounding trough the hallways. The marine didn't stand a chance against the Major Domo that lead them shooting down human after human in a flash. By the time the small firefight was over Fey'R just got his Defense gauntlet ready. Jub-Jub walk over to one of the humans and bashed the dead corpse's skull with his Needler. Fey'R scouted the next hallway. there were two yellow shirts and a marine fired at some a file of Unggoy in panic near there fallen leader. Fey'R didn't bother calling his troop he craved some action of his own. Still standing in the other hallway he charged his Plasma pistol, turned around the corner, and fired at the marine. The overcharged shot burned the back of his head and the human fell with a thud. The two yellow shirts turned with their pistols raised. The file of Unggoy was completely wasted and the humans didn't was any time. The shot rang out one after another flashing against Fey'R's shield. Fey'R was very reckless and charged the two Humans, bashing one with his his shield, and firing another overcharged shot at the other. He thought himself as triumphant killing three Humans in rapid succession, but another shot rang out, his leg was in immense pain, next thing he knew he fell to the ground. One of the humans wasn't dead and stood up leveling the pistol to his head, the Human spoke only one word "Die!" But the Major Domo leading Fey'R and Jub-Jub sneaked up behind him, The Major Domo swiftly and smashed his skull in with his Plasma Rifle. The Human was instantly killed and Fey'R was safe for the moment. Their leader stole some medicine from the humans. He removed the bullet administered the medicine to his wound, Bio-Foam, worked instantly completely healing his wound. Their leader Rolama' Gloaimee scanned the next room it was a human dinning center. A lance stood in there with several other Sangheilli, all minors, and a small troop of Unggoy. The two lances were about to converse until a platoon of Humans stopped the Covenant soldiers in their tracks, and with them The Demon came to help them with this fight. The Demon quickly chose a target, Rolama, the Demon charged, gun ablaze. The Sangheilli took cover until his shield recharged, when they were the Major lunged out at the Demon thwacking him in his side. Fey'R was to busy trying to shoot down a Human to realize that Rolama was about to be killed. But he turned his head for a moment to see the Major Domo be hit with the butt of The Demon's gun and fired at Rolama tried to stand up but the Demon's heavy boot crashed down on his chest, Rolama was breathing sparingly but at least he was alive. Fey'R tried to save him. He shot one last overcharged shot at the Demon, his shielding faltered and he quickly ducked for cover. Fey'R came to Rolama's side but the veteran Sangheilli denied help. As he slowly stood up and said "Take my troops to the escape pods, the humans are trying to escape their defeat." Fey'R nodded and called his troop to follow him to the escape pods. The Demon rushed for the escapees but the exit was blocked by Rolama, the Sangheilli laughed and threw a grenade between him and the Demon to slow him down. The blast killed Rolama but only stripped the Demon temporarily of his shield. Fey'R,Jub-Jub and several other Unggoy ran to the escape pod. The pod was being blocked by six Marines; there are six humans, and five of them an even fight by Jub-Jub's standards. The five quickly engaged in combat two of the three Unggoy fell very early, but the third didn't go down without one of the marines, By ripping open his chest with a flurry of plasma bolts. Four marines stood firing at the two but Fey'R Picked up a human grenade by his feet and chucked it at the humans. The blast killed two marines the others were then picked off by Jub-Jub's Needler. The two ran into the escape pod and activated it. The pod launched and headed toward an unknown ring world.

The Ring World: Halo

The escape pod flew violently in the air waiting to destructively embrace the solid ground, Jub-Jub was in the midst of a panic attack, which didn't help Fey'R with controlling the Human vehicle. Fey'R beat the control with his fists try to figure out what to do. The time came when the pod crashed in a burning heap against a cliff. Fey'R was still alive but nearly unconscious he looked to Jub-Jub gingerly he stood up and walked over to check the Unggoy's pulse, he was unconscious but alive. He rolled his friend out of the pod, outside there was a structure, smaller than the Silent Cartographer but still suitable for inhabitants. Fey'R laid Jub-Jub on the ground and he rested against a wall he saw in the sky another escape pod flew west of his location he looked back at Jub-Jub and fell asleep. When he awoke there were many more Covenant troops there leading seven hostages in the structure, he stood up and saw Jub-Jub refilling his methane tank. Fey'R walked over to the nearest Sangheilli and asked "What of the Humans craft" The Sangheilli Minor had a deep raspy voice "The Human ship has fallen but the Demon escaped it's flame." Fey'R swore to himself, Because Rolama died in vein letting him and Jub-Jub escape to safety. Fey'R grabbed his Plasma pistol and checked its charge, it was out. No sooner than he looked up but he saw in the hilltops but The Demon in human vehicle with two other marines redying themselves. Fey'R dropped his weapon and softly said "Hand me your Rifle." the Sangheilli Minor scoffed at the Kig-yar "Why should I? Get your own weapon." the Kig -Yar Ripped the Plasma rifle from the Sangheilli's side and fired a few bolts at the human vehicle charging like a bull at the unsuspecting Troops. The Troops quickly turned to the Demon as he bowled through Kig-Yar, Unggoy and Sangheilli alike. Jub-Jub, Fey'R and the Sangheilli Minor Olam' Troumee ran into the structure and hid. The Minor laughed aloud "The Demon here! I will tear his head off and mount in on my wall!" he ran out when the car like vehicle passed by he tried to hijack it by ripping the marine from his seat, his attempt was failed, and the marine on a large turret tore through his shield and reduced his body to scrap. Jub-Jub than said to Fey'R "Demon go bye now." he pulled a grenade from his supply pouch and threw it at the demon. It didn't stick to the vehicle but it did flip the vehicle in the blast and the marine in the side seat was killed under the crushing weight of the vehicle. The Demon survived the blast and made a landing he started to shoot at anything that moved. Fey'R grabbed Jub-Jub and the both ran for it they were soon to be over run there was a parked Ghost Jub-Jub hopped into the pilot seat and Fey'R latched on the wing and they took off. They reached another outpost with a Spirit Drop ship about to landed the quickly drove over and tried to get aboard they were successful on getting aboard and they flew out of the area away from the Demon.

Truth and Reconciliation

The Spirit Drop-ship named "Graceful Presentation" landed inside the the CSS-class Battle cruiser the guard doors opened up Fey'R and Jub-Jub left the Drop-ship and exited on the hanger floor. Fey'R "Finally were safe." Jub-Jub said in reply "Good thing we got on the ship because I worked up a BIG GRUNTY THIRST! "Fey'R asked him "Grunty thirst?". Jub-Jub Responded "Yea that food nipple better be waiting for me." Jub-Jub put on a burst of speed and ran to the methane pod for his food nipple. Fey'R watched his friend run off, he decided to walk around the ship to find the Kig-Yar nesting area. On his way found the Command Bridge a Sangheilli Zealot Ship master he noticed Fey'R and casually walked down to the lowly Kig-Yar. The Zealot spoke in a hardy deep voice "You were one of the troops in the raid of the Humans vessel you were the only one of your pitiful species to take place in the raid. You were confirmed KIA... Until now." He walked over to a Covenant hologram projector; he was sending a message to High Charity he stopped for a moment to ask "Did any escape with you?" Fey'R replied quickly "An Unggoy named Jub-Jub." the Zealot then asked "How many humans did you and the Unggoy kill?" Fey'R thought than said "About six for me and three for Jub-Jub." The Zealot resumed the message when he was done he turned to Fey'R and said "You have enough casualties for a promotion. You are now a Kig-Yar Major." Fey'R was overjoyed at his promotion. His dream was to become a Ship Master and to have command over his own troops and the promotion got him one step closer. He was able to keep himself calm until he knelled to the Zealot and exited the Bridge and ran off to find Jub-Jub.


Fey'R eventually found Jub-Jub in the methane tank, Jub-Jub was feeding at one of the stands inside the tank. Fey'R knocked on the dome until he got his attention. Jub-Jub finished feeding slipped back into his Unggoy combat harness he exited the methane dome. Jub-Jub asked Fey'R "What you want?" Fey'R responded "I got Promoted." Jub-Jub then asked "What about me?" Fey'R scratched his plumage "He didn't say anything." Jub-Jub gave him an annoyed look and said "That stink... me want to see the brig." "Why do you want to see the brig?" Jub-Jub jumped up and down in excitement "Taunt at Humans." and Jub-Jub once again ran off. Fey'R followed him to the brig There was a Zealot by the cell door controls, Fey'R also spotted two stealth Sangheilli patrolling both sides of the brig. Jub-Jub walked up to one of the prison cells and was taunting one of the humans, Fey'R saw the human he wore a gray human uniform and was curled up in the corner of his cell. Jub-Jub was still dancing around the cell but Fey'R noticed he was speaking in hushed tone into a radio transmitter. Fey'R pointed this out to Jub-Jub, they both slowly walked out of the room once they were out they ran to the Command bridge to report back to the Ship Master. They were able to report to the Ship-master but the Sangheilli said "The Gravity-lift is under heavy guard there is no way that the Demon is able to penetrate our defenses, They will be killed on sight." Just after he finished a Sangheilli on an image transmitter called out "Ship-master the Demon has boarded our vessel, what is your plan of action?" The Zealot swore than answered "Send Stealth Specialists and infantry, do not let him go any farther." he turned to Fey'R and Jub-Jub "You two get down there." Fey'R and Jub-Jub knelled and ran to the point of entry. Jub-Jub said to Fey'R "Why demon come here? What you think he want?" Fey'R thought than realized "That human in the cell! The Demon wants to release him." Jub-Jub agreed and said "I vote we run away." Fey'R asked "Why?" Jub-Jub said "Me tried let's go back to island, steal ship." Fey'R nodded "Fine were leaving... But not until I get my new armor."

Escape to the Cartographer

Jub-Jub claimed a Spirit in the hanger; he was loading it with food supply and battlefield methane tanks. Fey'R fitted himself in Kig-Yar major attire and switched to the stronger model of the Kig-Yar point defense gauntlet he walked over to the ship's armory before he headed to the hanger. He looked through all the weapons but he really just took a Plasma pistol and clipped it to his belt. When he reached the hanger he heard over the something intercom a voice it sounded very similar to the Ship-Master, It WAS the Ship-Master, he was combating the Demon. Fey'R froze listing to the every gunshot and plasma bolt being fired after a several minutes of combat there was a silence but after the brief silence he heard humans and what they said was "This looks like a good spot, Chief. We'll mind the store here while you go find the Captain, good luck sir." Fey'R was in panic "They killed the Ship-master and the command deck's crew, there is no communication or escape, everyone on the ship is doomed." Fey'R ran as fast as he could to the hanger hoping Jub-Jub was not slain by the Demon. He burst into the hanger room the first thing he did was look around wildly he saw Jub-Jub trying to catch a scrub-grub. Fey'R sighed in relive and walk toward the Spirit he noticed on the opposite side of the hanger a Mgalekgolo pair can trough the opposite door they didn't seem happy they can close to Fey'R the pair of Mqalekgolo were in a rush they didn't want to waste any time one swung his massive shield at Fey'R the Kig-Yar barely dodged the crushing blow after the encounter, he rushed to the Spirit drop-ship he explained everything he heard to Jub-Jub. The Unggoy ran onto the ship he called back to Fey'R "Can you fly ship?" Fey'R shrugged "I don't know can you?" Jub-Jub replied "Me try." both hopped on the ship and were about to take off they heard gunshots and shot out of the hanger in an escape to the Silent Cartographer

Return to The Silent Cartographer

The spirit drop-ship flew over the sparkling waters, moving ever closer to land. When it arrived at the Cartographer's beach the ship stopped and landed the side doors opened Fey'R and Jub-Jub exited the drop-ship. Jub-Jub stretched and yawned "Me tired... Look!" Fey'R activated his defense gauntlet "What is it." Jub-Jub ran over to a small area were a campfire once was. He picked up a stick with a decaying worm like creature on it "This was food." Fey'R deactivated his shield and walked over to Jub-Jub "Can you catch another one?" Jub-Jub threw away the rotting worm-like creature and picked up a rock. "Me will catch another one." The next few days were quiet and relaxing for the two but eventually the peace and quiet was ended Seven Spirits were flying toward the island Fey'R spotted them he ran to find Jub-Jub, he was on the beach trying to kill a crab about half his size. Jub-Jub was putting up a fierce fight until he saw the ships heading towards him he was dumbfounded at the sight of seven drop-ships. The crab just headed into the water and swam away. When Fey'R got to Jub-Jub the ships landed near the Spirit they took and about a hundred or more troops were deployed here with tons of supplies, to top it off there was a Zealot in the legion of troops organizing they defenses. Jub-Jub and Fey'R were assigned to a large group defending the entrance to the security override, The Lance consists of six Kig-Yar lead by a Major with the name of Kane, a dozen Unggoy with three Spec-ops Unggoy: Ale, Gadad and Zappap. Kane was an average Kig-Yar good shot, dislike of Unggoy and disrespected by Sangheilli. Ale was a specialist with heavy weaponry, Gadad was very unintelligent, and Zappap was the more intelligent one of the group. Fey'R was leaning against a rock watching every unit patrol their set area. Kane walked up to Fey'R and said "Hey you." Fey'R turned to Kane "What?" Kane crossed him arms trying to seen superior "That Unggoy why do pay him even the light of day?" Fey'R sighed "Is it any of your business who I talk to?" Kane started to get aggravated his plumage standing on end. "We are not supposed to be with pitiful Unggoy they are inferior, weak, and as smart as worms. We eat them if we get lucky." Fey'R didn't seem happy with the way he talked to him about Unggoy, In fact he spent his whole military career around Jub-Jub and the two were good friends from the start so Fey'R told him "That Unggoy has been my friend ever since I joined the Covenant so tell me why I should listen to a scrub-grub of a Kig-Yar like you." Kane unfolded his arms and was about to say something until both of the Kig-Yar heard something 'Gunshots' they turned to the path that lead to the small structure plate and Security Mainframe building and there came once more the Demon, armed with a Rocket launcher, Fey'R was stunned to see him for the third time. The first time he saw him he was bursting in the human dining area and slaughtered almost the entire lance of troops he was with. And the second time he saw him The Demon was in the process of a vehicular genocide. The Mqalekgolo pair was the first to go, being blown apart by the rockets. Jub-Jub ran to Fey'R "Demon Back we gotta go!" Fey'R in a panicking tone said "How there is no transportation nearby!" Jub-Jub jumped impatiently "Me hid Ship we used, gather some people for our escape!" Fey'R called the three Spec-Op Unggoy, Gadad who was caught in the thickest of the fight, was killed by Assault rifle fire. Ale ditched his fuel rod and ran to Fey'R Zappap was following close behind Kane called his remaining lance of Kig-Yar two were left. The small lance tried to escape the fire fight. But the two Kig-Yar were fallen by pistol shots. The few ran into a hidden cave blocked by rock they crawled through and found the Spirit perched on a ledge, hidden by leaves, all of the Covenant troops hopped on and Jub-Jub started to engine. The Spirit took off they flew to the sea. But the group noticed a Human aircraft incoming Jub-Jub said over the intercom "everyone hold on" He turned on the boost and the Spirit flew speedily toward the Human vessel Jub-Jub also said "Someone get on turret." Ale got out of the clamp and ran to the Plasma turret's controls and started to fire at the hostile aircraft. Both aircraft engaged one another firing bullets and plasma bolts swerving all around until finally the hostile vessel was smoking. It's engines were failing and it came plummeting toward the island. Fey'R looked at Kane with a roguish smile. Kane scowled as he said "Fine I give the two there props for the performance in the dogfight. But don't let it get to your head Ird."

Follow the Demon

Jub-Jub flew closer to the island he saw the Demon Board another Human vessel similar to the one they shot-down "Demons escaping should engage?" Fey'R called back "Fire at position there is little the Demon can do in the situation." Jub-Jub agreed "Prepared to fire Ale." the Unggoy gave a thumbs up "Ready." the Spirit flew to the human airship but by the time they got there it was too late the ship flew into a honeycomb-like passage the Spirit stopped over were they once were. "Should we follow?" Fey'R thought about it but before he could answer Kane responded "We should follow and ambush the Demon." Jub-Jub set the engine "O.K here we go!" The spirit descended into the pit were the human ship had went into. Once they landed they docked the ship and hopped out. Kane walked around looking at the dead husks with were once Sangheilli infantry "More dead." Ale hopped out of the turret "Bad guy nearby." Fey'R headed toward the door "Hey we should move ahead." The troop entered the hallway and there were dozens of Unggoy corpses they tried their best to not step on the bodies. Ale and Zappap started to freak out at the sight of all the dead Covenant troops everywhere. Kane stood over a ripped up corpse what was once a Sangheilli Minor "The Demon must have blew through here pretty fast just look at this guy it looks as if he were shredded up by razor blades." Zappap was shaking in fear as if the Demon would pop out of nowhere. "Were you think he now?" Jub-Jub picked up plasma grenade and checked it to see if it was in good condition "If Demon here me kill with this, hehehe big boom will come from this!" Ale trudged over to Fey'R "Me wonder if he okay?" Fey'R whispered back "Hes okay...crazy for sure but okay." Kane piked up a Needler,reloaded and clipped it to his belt "We all better get moving you never know what could happen if we stay here too long." They all progressed through the passages and tunnels through the Forerunner structure. All along the path were dead troops and lots of ammunition. The keep moving along until they came to a large canyon, it was lightly snowing, silenced was all that rendered through the air. Fey'R walked around the area "No survivors...Wait whats this?" It was an upturned human vehicle it seemed to be in modernity good condition Fey'R called Kane over "So Ird? what is it?" Ale walked up to the exotic vehicle and lightly tapped it with his foot. "Me see this before humans call it a warthog." Zappap scratched his head bewildered "Huh? That make no sense it look more like thorn beast." Zappap and Ale started to argue about what they should call it, Fey'R, Kane and Jub-Jub upturned the vehicle Fey'R looked at the strange controls "How do we drive it? The wheel maybe?" Kane shoved Fey'R to the side and climbed in the seat "Ill figure it out." Everyone else took a seat Fey'R in front Ale on the turret and Jub-Jub and Zappap sitting on the turret seat with their feet dangling. Progression with the human vehicle was slow at first but improved, along the winding path was the same thing more dead troops and forgotten weapons. Kane looked around "Looks like we're getting nowhere. All around us is snow and dead guys." Jub-Jub yawned he looked around since there was really nothing else to do. He saw in the distance a similar Human vehicle to the one they were driving but there were three humans in it. Jub-Jub shouted "Humans following up the rear!" Ale turned to turret to the humans direction "Me see them." the Human turret was flashing with dozens of bullets, most hitting the humans or harmlessly hitting the snow. It didn't take long for them to shoot back. Kane swerved in dozens of maneuvers trying to avoid the many lethal shots being fired in their direction. One of the humans on the side seat weapon was blazing until a load of shots fired at him turned him into a limp rag doll. Kane continued to drive wildly, he was still not used to the controls, with lead them to drive in an eccentric manner. Kane suddenly drove the vehicle off a small cliff the impact caused Zappap and Jub-Jub to fall out of the vehicle Jub-Jub thudded face first in the snow, while Zappap landed on his hindquarters. Zappap stood up and pulled Jub-Jub out of the snow. They both saw Kane drive until he ended up crashing the vehicle into a rocky cliff side. The humans were getting close Jub-Jub spawned an idea on how to stop the humans from killing them; he pulled out two plasma grenades. He handed one of the grenade to Zappap "When me say so you throw upwards." Zappap clutched his grenade and took a stance "Ready.", Jub-Jub nodded "Ready...Throw!" As soon as the humans were ready to ambush them, Both Jub-Jub and Zappap threw there grenade up to the sky. Their timing was perfect, both grenade stuck to the underside of the car as soon as it flew over the ledge the gained some distance from the two Unggoy before the car exploded into a flaming pile of debris. Jub-Jub laughed triumphantly "Hahahaha stupid humans!" Zappap was only staring at a wheel from the destroyed vehicle slowly rolling towards him.

Tanks Ahead

Zappap and Jub-Jub walked over to the others trying to fix the human vehicle, Fey'R looked at the wheels of the car to check their condition, Kane was looking over the controls and Ale examining over the turret. Zappap called "Damage?" Fey'R looked back "Not much but there are a few broken parts" Kane tried to get it to turn on, the engine was slow but it still worked. "It's still works. Everyone get on we really need to leave this place. You don't know if any more humans know we're here." Everyone got back on their original seat and drove off. After such driving they started to slow down. Kane called to Jub-Jub "see anything yet?" Jub-Jub yelled "Yes me see something." It was another one of the vehicles that attacked them earlier but it didn't shoot. Fey'R glared at the direction they were coming from "What are they doing?" but a few seconds later it dawned on him "Kane get out of the way!" Kane was slow to react and the human's vehicle rammed them head on. Fey'R lunged as they collided, landing on the hood of the human's vehicle. The gunner was surprised he tried to shoot but a few plasma pistol shots to the face caused him to fall backwards and land in the snow, dead. Kane keep on driving Jub-Jub hopped off wanting to help his friend. Fey'R swatted the passenger out of his seat, he fell without injury but Jub-Jub made sure he didn't last long, by using his Needler the human died in a large pink explosion. Fey'R charged a shot and the driver was swerving all around to shake him off, it was a failed plan, Fey'R shot the human and he died in his seat. Fey'R jumped off the hood of the vehicle and walked over to Jub-Jub "Jub-Jub what are you doing?" Jub-Jub was playing around with some of the human's weapons holding an Assault rifle and firing blindly to the sky, he was also wearing the human's helmet. Jub-Jub took of the helmet and showed off his new weapon "look what me found, it fun to use!" Fey'R grabbed the weapon from Jub-Jub and examined it why do humans use weapons like this? Its a very primitive thing." Jub-Jub swiped it back from Fey'R "It mine now!" Fey'R sighed come on we need to find Kane and the others before we get lost." he then learned he was talking to himself, Jub-Jub was already distance away Fey'R sprinted to him "Hey wait!" Both of the two traveled aimlessly, through a caverns, and open plains of snow, until they reached a rock pillar that lead high up to platforms on the cliff-side. Jub-Jub looked up at the sky still producing gentle snow, "Look!" There in the sky was two patrolling banshees, Fey'R saw them and turned to Jub-Jub we finally found living Covenant troops. But they were distracted by something it was the Demon inside a human tank. Fey'R screamed in anger "WHY DOES HE APPEAR EVERYWHERE WE ARE!" Fey'R grabbed Jub-Jub and took cover in a passage that lead inside the large rock pillar. Jub-Jub peeked around the door and spotted a Shade turret "Me use turret! It good idea." Fey'R answered "No it isn't your going to die out there like everyone else he pointed to several Sangheilli being blown into smithereens by the tanks main gun, Jub-Jub ignored him and sprinted to the turret perched on an outcropping. He was a two-thirds of the way there then the turret exploded into fiery debris. Jub-Jub ran as fast as he could back to Fey'R "OK.....bad idea. what we do next?" Fey'R thought for a moment and said "We could board the back of the vehicle when it is near here and distracted by other troops." Jub-Jub jumped up and clicked his heels together. "OK! me ready to make the jump!" all of a sudden a destroyed banshee crashed near the door Fey'R looked at the Banshee and turned to Jub-Jub "Or we could run if it doesn't pass here." with a few minutes of carnage caused by the tank It did pass near the door both of the two lunged at the back of the tank Fey'R climbed on the neck of the tank and tried to jam up the cannon by crossing a few wires, while Jub-Jub tried to kill the demon in the cockpit. Fey'R was successful, he temporarily disabled the tanks main and secondary armaments. Jub-Jub wasn't so lucky he ripped open the cockpit but the only thing he saw was the Demon's boot, he kicked Jub-Jub right off the tank, his fall was softened by the snow he quickly stood up and threw a grenade at the tank it missed the cockpit and landed a small distance from Fey'R the blast blew him off the tank and into a rock staining it with his purple blood. the tank wasn't able to fire at Jub-Jub, but it didn't stop it from running him over, he wasn't killed because he narrowly avoided the treads but was buried under snow and couldn't move. Both Fey'R and Jub-Jub failed their plan to overtake the tank.

The Recovery

Fey'R felt dizzy and utterly exhausted, he opened his eyes to see he was inside the main corridor of Halo control center. He looked around and saw Jub-Jub snoring away on the floor, Fey'R was relieved so see him okay, to his right there was a fully charged plasma Rifle. He expected it closely and there was something very unusual about it crudely scratched into the left side if the rifle was the word, RECOVERY, Fey'R ignored this from the moment then he clipped the weapon to his side and walked over to Jub-Jub and woke him up. Jub-Jub sprang to his feet and scanned his surroundings "Hmmmmm...Were are we?" Fey'R Shrugged "I think were in the sacred rings control center. Jub-Jub jumped in glee "We may now start great journey!" "No Jub-Jub we can't." Jub-Jub turned his head in confusion "Why not?" "Jub-Jub we don't possess the sacred icon." Jub-Jub moaned in annoyance "Uggggh... were you think it is?" Fey'R shrugged once more "Don't know but let look around in case any humans tried to capture this place." Jub-Jub trotted away outside into the frigid outside. "Hello!" Fey'R ran outside with him, walked up to the ledge of complex building. He stared out into the snow ridden field, in the field below a human vehicle and inside that vehicle was none other than Kane. He saw Zappap and Ale, they were messing around with the turret which now had broken off. Fey'R called Jub-Jub over and both ran down onto the field to greet the temporally lost companions.

The Flood

The group discussed their next plan of action, Kane rested his back against the vehicle "I intercepted some human radio chatter, most if not all of them are retreating even our friend the Demon." Fey'R stepped forward "Let us leave a beacon so others may find and secure this place." Kane nodded "Alright lets get back to the Spirit." After the long way back throughout brides, large corridors, and hallways they reached their docked ship, they boarded and escaped their fruitless journey. After Zappap intercepted a human radio signal. The group decided to follow this signal and if the journey was a waste they would return to the closest Covenant garrison. The team reached a dark foggy swamp with eerie green plantain, and unknown sounds. Fey'R and Jub-Jub stepped out of the ship. Fey'R called back to the rest of the crew. "Well scout ahead well come back or radio in if we find something. Kane nodded, Zappap curled up the Spirit's opening hatch and Ale was polishing his fuel rod gun. The duo walked through the swamp climbing over logs and hills. Jub-Jub was cautiously looking around for the source of the eerie noises. Fey'R spotted something in the fog and ran up to it. It was a downed human transport, he searched it, he found human weapons of sorts, a radio, and footsteps leading deeper into the swamp. Jub-Jub was inspecting the weapons Fey'R pointed forward, Jub-Jub moaned, but he dint leave with out a parting gift. The two reached a suspicious looking facility covered with moss,a covenant garrison inside was inspecting the inside, the two then reluctantly join the group. Lead by a Sangheilli Zealot Krovo'Asumee the large group set up a base inside Fey'R and Jub-Jub planned to sneak out soon, Fey'R though had a bad feeling, something evil inside this facility was waiting for them to approach and become there next meal. Fey'R watched a group of Unggoy try to open up a locked door Krovo'Asumee was directing them. The Unggoy opened up the door, but in a twisted turn of events small jellyfish like creatures sprawled out in the tons engulfing the Unggoy, thus killing them. Krovo'Asumee was stunned, but tried to force them back with his energy sword he soon dragged into the crowd of the creatures. Fey'R in his nervous shock he fired his rifle at he group they popped and exploded into small puddles of vomit like substance. most of the group was gone suddenly the entire place was on alert to the new threat overpowering them. Fey'R found Jub-Jub holding back a barrage of the creatures, most of the things creatures were destroyed. The remaining Covenant tried to evacuated Fey'R and Jub-Jub ran for there lives, they came across a Sangheilli Minor Domo Houyr'Qsamee He helped them plow through the monstrosity's in an attempt to flee to safety. "LOOK" Fey'R screamed blocking passage to the elevator was Krovo'Asumee but he was far different, his flesh grayish yellow, his head bent back onto his neck, his right arm was longer and vilely mutated all that remained of his previous self was gold armor dirtied by a vomit like substance. The only noises he made were monstrous gurgles as he lurched over toward them. The group gingerly back up to the elevators room exit, suddenly Krovo Lunged him talon like arm slashing Houyr' across the face Jub-Jub statically fired at Krovo all shots hit there target. As a result Krovo's arm snapped clean off. Then Krovo let loose a blood curdling scream, Fey'R fired at Krovo's chest. Inraged, Krovo punched Fey'R and swatted Jub-Jub aside. Houyr was brutally beaten to death by the mutated Krovo. Fey'R sat up, Krovo was still attacking Houyr corpse, Fey'R fired at Krovo, Krovo turned to charge Fey'R but his chest was melted open by the heated plasma from there weapons. Fey'R walked over to Jub-Jub and helped him up. "Jub-Jub are you alright?" Jub-Jub's armor now had a large gnash in his bright red armor. "Yea me thinks so." Both entered the elevator and activated it.

Escape from Hell

The elevator rose very slowly. "Jub-Jub do have any idea what that...Thing was that attacked us." Jub-Jub thought for a moment "Nope, but me think we should get away from here." "That would be best." The elevator reached the top, both Fey'R and Jub-Jub cautiously moved through the Forerunner containment facility. They were met with no resistance. The entrance was close so the two stared to rush. "Finally we made it." Jub-Jub said after escaping the facility. A scream rang out, followed by growls gurgles and moaning. "Uh oh" dozens of infected Sangheilli streamed out of entrance "Run!" Fey'R yelled. The chase began Fey'R and Jub-Jub ran from the horde of infected. Fey'R knew that his weapon would have little use in this situation. Jub-Jub dropped the last of his plasma grenades it only dented the horde that was viciously chasing after them. The were now about a couple of yards from the landing site. Fey'R yelled out "Start the Spirit!" Kane looked up from what he was doing. In the fog he saw Jub-Jub and Fey'R running from a stampede of mutated creatures. "Zappap, Ale pack up! We need to leave NOW!" Both the Unggoy quickly retreated into the spirit. Fey'R being much more agile leaped in the open bay hatch, Jub-Jub was soon to follow. Zappap closed the bay doors and Jub-Jub ran to the cockpit. The creatures were jumping on the ship beating the hatches and trying to pry them open. The spirit rose from the ground, sending most of the creatures sprawling on the ground. The other were shaken off in flight. Kane asked Fey'R in the spirit "Ird what were those things?" Fey'R answered "I don't know but they are...parasitic." "What?" Kane responded "They killed our Zealot commander and possessed corpse." Kane pondered this for a moment "Well at least we escaped those thing...But I don't thing we will be seeing the last of them." Ale entered and walked up to Kane "We running low on supplies." Kane "What do we have left?" Ale cleared his throat "Three crates of foods, two methane tanks, and very little ammunition." "By the Prophets, Is there any place we can resupply?" Fey'R answered "I know one place." Kane stood straight. "What place?" Fey'R replied "The cruiser Truth and Reconciliation."

Flood Ship

Finding The Truth an Reconciliation was actually much of a challenge after two days of search they found the ship. In a much worse condition then when Fey'R and Jub-Jub were their. The Cruiser was no longer floating it looked as if it were crashed into the range of mountains. The ship was oozing this green glowing secretion. The ship had fractures and exposed circuity from bow to port. "What happened?" Ale asked "By the gods." Kane said to himself. "Looks like were not alone." Fey'R said stepping into the conversation. Down below the ship their were covenant and some of the creatures Jub-Jub and Fey'R were attacked by. "Me think we shouldn't land." Zappap said from the co-pilot seat. "Well we are." Kane yelled back. "Me, Fey'R and Zappap." "WHAT!" Zappap screamed. "Jub-Jub land there." "Righty-Oh." said Jub-Jub. The spirit gently landed rather close to the ship. Fey'R, Kane and Zappap hopped out of the ship. "Alright make sure no other troops find out about us here." Kane said "And especially don't let these things up here." Ale nodded "OK me make sure no bad things get there." The three headed to the crashed ship. Avoiding Covenant and creatures alike the three made it to the ship. The hull was badly damaged but there were plenty of supplies left. After several trips they had enough supplies to last for several months. Jub-Jub joined the group to help find anything useful. The four reached the hull, "Man I still cant get over this giant hole.", Kane said. Zappap pointed out something "Look bad guy!" Their he was the Demon fighting his way through anything that gets in his way. "Wait!" Jub-Jub said as he pulled something of that was strapped to his methane tank. "A Tracker, with this we can know were Demon is anywhere!". Fey'R asked "Jub-Jub were did you get that?" "Me got it at the crashed human ship." He said, "Steady...Steady...TOSS IT ONCE!" The tracker hit it target square on, it hit him in the joint of his arm. "ALRIGHT!" Jub-Jub screamed. Fey'R started to head for the hull's exit "OK guys lets get out of here, I don't want to be at the end of his gun again." The team left the hull and were greeted by some not so friendly faces. A Spec-Ops Sangheilli , Two Mqalekgolo, and thirteen Spec-Ops Unggoy. "Were are you going with those supplies?" The Sangheilli said in a deep voice. "We were trying to keep it safe from the parasite." Fey'R answered. The Sangheilli laughed and said with frighting calm "I do believe you are trying to sneak off with our ships supplies not only that it seems you also are acting against our fleet commander's orders." "Well" Kane said raising his Needler, "It looks like we are in a dilemma." The Sangheilli spoke again but this time with a more threatening tone "It seems we are." About a dozen of the parasites, were charging the Spec-ops group. "My squad, kill the parasites I will deal with this lot." Both Fey'R and Kane activated their Point defense gauntlets. "You are the scum of the covenant, and I Zaharvu' Valmoree will send you to your grave!" He Fired his Plasma rifle the blue bolts of heated plasma bounced harmlessly off the two Kig-Yar's shield's. Kane Fire his Needler, the pink glowing needles glided through the air, in pursuit of their target. Zaharvu' ducked behind cover with only minor damage to his shield. The thirteen Unggoy had a difficult time pushing back the horde of creatures, one of the Mqalekgolo charged the creatures flailing his shield killing them with crushing blows. unfortunately several of the small jellyfish like creatures were able to latch onto his exposed flesh. They started to kill the Lekgolo holding him together. The Mqalekgolo after being destroyed from the inside collapsed and died from disembowelment. With one of the Mqalekgolo gone the, Unggoy's defense was cut drastically, the thirteen of them was reduced to six. Zaharvu' fired from behind cover, Kane shield collapsed, rolling into cover he reloaded. "Were not getting anywhere with this fight." Fey'R yelled "I know!" Kane said. "Zappap you have any grenades?" "One." Zappap called back "Give it to Fey'R!" Kane yelled "OK." Zappap said as he tossed the grenade Fey'R. Fey'R lit the grenade and threw it into Zaharvu's cover. Fey'R bolted thwarted the rock, Zaharvu attempted to roll out of harms way but was caught in the blast radius. Fey'R loaded him up with the last charge in his weapon. Zaharvu's shields were depleted, enraged he grabbed Fey'R by the throat, lifting him up, and attempted to strangle him. Zappap fired an over charged plasma bolt at his unprotected foot, the heated plasma burned through skin and bone alike. Zaharvu roared in pain, he dropped Fey'R, and fell backwards. Jub-Jub was upon him, he unstrapped a human Assault Rifle off his methane tank and said "You hurt friend, me kill you!". as he pressed the Rifle to his head and fired. Bits of blood and bone splattered across the rocky landscape. Jub-Jub strapped the rifle back onto his methane tank. "Lets get out of here." Fey'R said after rising to his feet. "What about the other troops after us?" Kane said. "Don't worry." Fey'R replied "They don't stand a chance against those things." The four left, leaving the dead Sangheilli and his squad, to escape from the Flood infested ship.

The Autumn The Demon And The End Of Halo

After escaping the ship the team set out on the spirit with no intended destination "Kane who exactly was that.?" Fey'R asked. "You mean the Sangheilli?" Kane asked back. "Yea." "Oh you mean Zaharvu? that freak, he was always overzealous, killing anyone who even gives him bad news. I'm just glad the Covenant is rid of him." Jub-Jub then jumped into the conversation "Hey guy me got a good idea!" "Well what is it?" Fey'R asked Jub-Jub explained "The tracker we placed on Demon is showing him moving very fast." Fey'R, Kane and Jub-Jub walked into the piloting controls "Can we get to his location?" Kane asked. Jub-Jub nodded "Yup." Fey'R stood up straight "Alright we need to get to him while he is in his whatever fight vehicle he is in and shoot him down, it shouldn't be hard enough." "OK you heard him, everybody get this ship moving." Kane added. the spirit flew as fast as it could after the signal. When they reached the signal they were confronted by a large human space vessel "This same ship we were on." Jub-Jub said "Kane dock the ship. I'm boarding it." "Seriously?" Kane asked "Yes, I am very sure." Fey'R said. The spirit docked one of the escape pod entrances. Fey'R exited the spirit and entered the human ship. "OK Fey'R, we well be communicating to you through radio. I you need to escape we will be here on standby." "Got it Kane." Fey'R said back into the mic. Fey'R walked out of the escape pod entrance to see the corpse of the human marines and Unggoy. These were, in fact, the Unggoy with his squad lead by the late Rolama' Gloaimee and the humans Fey'R and Jub-Jub had killed to escape. Fey'R continued through the passages which lead him to the human dinning area full of, Covenant Spec-Ops Squads, but even though many days have passed right there unmoved was the corpse of Rolama' Gloaimee. Fey'R froze when he saw it his original squad leader and recruit trainer's body on the ground. For whatever reason his flesh was completely gone only the skeleton was there, which is most likely do to the Spec Ops squad disposing of any dead bodies. Fey'R was completely ignored by the other troops they were to focused on whatever they were searching for. So Fey'R walked up to Rolama's skeleton, his head was completely removed from the spine, he picked it up and stared at it for a moment. Fey'R found something else on the floor, a rucksack, he picked it up and fasten it to his back. He then gently place Rolama's skull into the rucksack. Fey'R walked around the ship, the next place he entered a Human armory. The humans had a vast arsenal of weapons. Fey'R took several human grenades, a human sidearm, and a pack of ammo for Jub-Jub. Fey'R continued to walk around with no results in finding the Demon. "You find him yet." Jub-Jub asked over the radio. "No no sign of him." Fey'R replied. The silence was then replaced by gunshots and screeches, "Never mind guys." Fey'R said "I think I found him." Fey'R rushed to the source of the noise. Fey'R reached a room labeled the The Engineering. Fey'R poked his head around the corner, the Demon was fighting off hordes of creatures and flying robotic things. Fey'R pulled one of the grenades from his rucksack, pulling the pin he threw it at the Demon. Unfortunately the grenade fell short and just made the creatures scatter in surprise. Fey'R unclipped the plasma pistol from his side, and stepped through the doorway. Activating his point defense-gauntlet he charged into the chaos. creatures swarmed around him, he fired his plasma pistol as his only means of defense. Two flying robotic thing descended upon him. They fired a heated beam, but the beam only reflected off Fey'R's shield. The first robot was destroyed by some cross fire between the creatures and the Demon. The second was shot down by one of his overcharged plasma bolt. Trailing the Demon, Fey'R checked his plasma pistols charge, 72%, of the battery was left. Although Fey'R was constantly being slowed down, by a continuous stream of hostiles. Between fighting off hordes of enemies Fey'R got a glance at what the Demon was doing. He opened the port to one of the engine's cooling system ducts. Then what he did was completely unpredictable. he threw one of his grenades into the shaft and the section of the cooling system went completely haywire. He did the same for the second shaft. "It took Fey'R only a moment to realize what was going to happen "Kane land by the closest docking point. Get me out of here NOW!" "Hey Ird what the problem?" Kane asked "Well" Fey'R replied "The Demon going to blow this ship SKY HIGH." "Okay Okay...There a docking point a few kilometers from you. The one you came through is completely infested with those things and is not safe for boarding." "Alright." After that Fey'R could hear Kane giving orders to Jub-Jub and Zappap. Fey'R raced to get away from the Engineering room. There were two exits an elevator, and a door way all the way across the room that was being blocked by hordes of parasites flowing through. He obviously choose the elevator. Fey'R entered the elevator, mashing the button hoping to close the elevator before any parasites get in. Even when the doors closed, and the elevator moving he could hear the third cooling duct explode. Fey'R was getting impatient. The elevator finally opens, he ran out and rushed through the hallways. Fey'R spots a human vehicle pool ahead. He hops into the human vehicle and turned it on, the only way he knew how to drive was from watching Kane. He started to drive through the passage for the sole reason to escape. After a few minutes into the drive he heard the fourth and the last cooling duct explode. The ship was then plunged into haywire with random minor explosions and a loud alarm sounding out. Kane signaled Fey'R over the radio "Hey Ird hurry up, your only a few dozens kilometers farther." "Alright. I'm almost there." The human vehicle kept moving along as it raced to the docking point. Many obstacles were encountered on the drive, he passed pillars sharp turns, and narrow passageways. Parasites in an abundance were ether crushed under the vehicle's heavy tires, or smashed against the fast moving hood. He continued to drive listening to the seemingly never ending countdown of self destruction. Fey'R almost reached the extraction point, he into the human mirror only to the Demon. He was only a spec in the distance but he was driving on the same escape route he was. He drove into a large open room were the roof had apparently been ripped open by the impact. Fey'R hit the brakes and stopped, he looked up to see The drop-ship flying in to rescue him. He turned around and saw the Demon catching up. The drop-ship soon got close enough and dropped the bay doors Jub-Jub was there and held out his arm "Hurry friend!" Fey'R grabbed his hand and was tugged up on the drop-ship. The spirit was flying to an exit and leave the doomed ship, the bay door did not close right away, Fey'R looked out and saw the Demon almost right underneath the drop-ship. For a few seconds as the bay doors close Fey'R and The Demon were locked in a stare. Fey'R thought to himself that today even the Demon won't survive. The Spirit flew out of the Pillar of Autumn, into the sky and to outer space. Everyone on the ship looked back at Halo, just to watch as the ring world fall apart in a cataclysmic explosion.

A New Chapter: The Mark of Shame and High Charity

Fey'R and his team have successfully made it back to high Charity after being rescued by the ship Unconditional Clemency