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Fireteam Bravo was a small ODST group in the UNSC.


Fireteam Bravo was an ODST unit originally assinged to the UNSC Aegis Fate. Bravo saw little action during the war up until 2552, as the Fate was part of the home fleet. During the first battle of Earth, the Fate went downside, to help in the battles raging across Africa. Unfortunately, they arrived to late, after the In Amber Clad and the Prophet of Regret's supercarrier vanished into slipspace. For several days, they were shuttled around the globe, looking for combat, but always arriving to late to help. However, on October 21st, 2552, they finally got their chance. Scouts had reported signs of Covenant troops on the coast of Jaimaica, and Bravo Two and Three were sent in to confirm these reports. However, it turned out to be a covenant ambush. Bravo Two was killed by sniper fire, and Bravo Three was pinned down without support. However, UNSC radio controllers informed him of a fusion reactor in close proximity that he could detonate and clear the facility with. He moved out, with Covenant all over his back. After avoiding several ghosts and killing an Ultra by sheer luck (the ultra was partly insane with rage over the Brute's replacing the Elites as Honor Guards), he released the core and escaped before it detonated. Despite this, Covenant forces did manage to land in Cuba, but they were routed by Blue Team. In addition, this was one of the last Human vs. Elite skirmishes on Earth.