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Operation: RED SUN

First Battle of Sanghelios
Battle of Sanghelios
Sanghelios, 300 hours after the New Covenant
forces were first sighted in-system.


Second Great War


Begin: June 13th, 2611
End: August 4th, 2611


Sanghelios (Urs-Fied-Joori System)


Strategic ODI victory
Tactical New Covenant victory


Orion Defense Initiative (excluding Koch Republik)

  • Sanghelios Guardian Fleet
  • Fleet of Denied Tribute
  • Fleet of Sublime Clarity
  • Fleet of Intolerable Virtue
    • 624 warships
    • 138 orbital cannons
    • 2,055,284,000 available manpower
  • UNSC 6th Fleet
  • UNSC 7th Fleet
  • Battlegroup Hammer of Dawn
    • 211 warships
    • 199,000 infantry assets
  • Unggoy Fleet-11
  • Unggoy Fleet-19
    • 57 warships
    • 27,000 infantry asset
  • Grand Fleet of Enduring Voyage
  • Fleet of Commencement
  • Second Fleet of Unsung Fury
  • Fleet of Roaring Faith
    • 764 warships
    • 3 mobile repair stations
    • 1,357,000 infantry assets
  • Sentinel Division-9741
30px-Cquote1.png I've looked all 'round, and I don't see no big fancy names here. I don't see no SPARTAN's. Hell, I don't even see any ODST's! But what I do see is just a sample of the UNSC's bravest and finest soldiers. We are the leathernecks, and we're going in... Hard. 30px-Cquote2.png

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