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Flechette Team
Unit Background

Special Operations


New Quebec

Unit size

Five Spartans

Current Commander


Current Status

Active Duty



Flechette Team was formed at about the same time Phoenix Team was formed, around 2560, although the exact date is not known. The team graduated, being awarded 5th place Honors, out of a class of 600 other SPARTAN-III teams.

Team composition

  • Fitz-D1029 was the team's marksmen, primarily equipped with a M90909 Javelin, equipped with a M70 Olympiad Scope, along with a M7/C SMG and a M6D sidearm
  • Julian-D1934 was the squad's rifleman, specializing in usage of a BR55HB SR Battle Rifle with a under-slung grenade launcher, a M7 Submachine gun, and a M6D sidearm,


  • Like Phoenix team, Flechette team believed the right to know the team members first names had to be earned.


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