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Fleet of Consecrated Contribution



Covenant Navy


Offensive naval support


289 vessels

Part of



"Nataka' ta ragnarök 'nor tyrimiperia!" (Sangheili, for "We will harshly usher in the truth!")


Covenant, Covenant Navy


The Fleet of Consecrated Contribution was a Covenant Naval unit with the responsibility of invading Hope during the Loss of Hope, after a minor role of guarding the outskirts of the Epsilon Eridanus System during the Fall of Reach. It's flagship was the Covenant supercarrier Valiant Seraphim, and the fleet was led by Sangheili Fleet Master Darc 'Varmen from the Covenant Super-Spire. Prior to Darc 'Varmen's death, and even more so afterward, the fleet was maintained by the Covenant AI Patient Respondent. A portion of the fleet was destroyed at the cost of the UNSC Siren's Call, during the battle of Hades.

It's remainder also saw action throughout the following Battle of the Zenith Complex.

Soon after the fleet's loss at Icaria, however, the remainder of the fleet had marched on towards Port Neandra, where they would continue their assault.

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