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The Fleet of Righteous Fury was a collection of Sangheili warships that would gain distinction during the Galactic War. Headed by Roni 'Visag, it was originally a squadron attached to the Fleet of Enforced Tranquility as it patrolled the Sangheili's shared border with UNSC territory. The squadron gained distinction when, in the wake of the Galactic War's violent opening, it entered the space above Dashan and was critical in the evacuation of several thousand civilians and resistance fighters. As the Galactic War raged, Fleetmaster 'Visag guided the squadron through innumerable skirmishes and battles with the conquering UNSC navy. Although almost every singe one of these engagements was lost, 'Visag made a point of folding surviving craft into his command structure until he commanded enough ships to roughly constitute a fleet. 'Visag and his Shipmasters ignored the Council of Sanghelios's call for all Sangheili forces to lay down their arms following their capitulation and instead continued gathering the remnants of the tattered Sangheili navy and waging a brutal guerilla war in both UNSC and Sangheili space. The fleet's acquisition of several assault carriers, the supercarrier Valiant Dream, and the superdreadnought Pride of Sanghelios would transform it into a formidable fighting force, and it would play a pivotal role in the events following the Galactic War.