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Dart Form
Biological information

1 meter

  • Four legs
  • Two bladed arms
  • Ambush
  • Blades
Notable Members

Great Ambusher



The Flood Dart Form is a very lean creature, consisting of four legs, a thin, whip-like tail, two bladed arms, and a head. The body is built for immense leaps, each one can exceed slightly over fifty meters. The legs are triple jointed, and fold up underneath the Dart's body when it lands, immediately readying it for another leap. The blades on the arms are straight, made perfectly for when the Dart jumps.

The head is made for hunting, but consists of no mouth or eyes, just a super sensitive nose and ears.


The Dart Form is perfectly suited for leaping ambush attacks. Its blades can slice unshielded foes before they can turn to fight back. Darts generally attack in packs, striking from multiple angles, sometimes individually, sometimes as a group.

When a Dart leaps, its body becomes rigid and straight, the two blades pointed toward the intended victim.


Dart Forms seem to be able to rapidly absorb and convert biomass, and can contain that mass in a relatively small area for a while.

The one evolved form that has been encountered is the Pillar Form. A single Dart can absorb anywhere from 50 to 200 of its fallen compatriots, then explode upwards and downwards in to a giant immobile pillar of flesh. The DNA used for the Dart's blades become longer, deadlier blades on tentacles.


The first Dart Forms were encountered on Sanghelios, during Phoenix Team's exploration of a Precursor ruin.

It has been duly noted that Dart Forms prefer attacking in places that are dark, or have a lot of space to maneuver while still providing plenty of places to hide.