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Flood Predator Form
Biographical information
Physical description

Inferi genus


1.15 meters on its back legs

Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • Artificially made
  • Has the ability to fly

A Flood Predator Form is considered to be a Pure Form, having been created in similar ways. However, they were made artificially from experiments made by Forerunners.


Predator Forms are grown, like other Pure Forms, from Flood biomass. They were specially kept in a confined and protected area of the Forerunner flagship Cessation.

Oberion's scientists studied the Flood for a long time, as he had unintentionally created the species himself aeons ago. When their research was complete, the Forerunner scientists grew their own Flood biomass in the Cessation's labs, and made several genetic modifications upon when the Pure Forms were still in their developing stage. The special Pure Forms were adopted to grow wings, and proved to be very powerful in combat. They were first seen in the story Emergence.


Like all other Flood forms, the Predator is a greenish-brown. It is slightly larger than a Flood Stalker Form, and sports two large wings. It has two long arms with sharp talons, and its hind legs allow it to stand vertically if need be, although the Predator form is usually in the air or on all fours.



Although not as strong as a Tank Form, the Predator form is very difficult to kill. It is always unarmed, but can lash out with its wings, or cause damage using its talons. It is hard to shoot down in the air, being able to withstand a surprising amount of ammunition and survive. Its skin is also thicker than a Tank Forms, and is partially fireproof. It will not be killed easily with a Flamethrower or Incendiary Grenades as it is with other Flood forms.


A Predator Form can become quite vulnerable if its wings were injured. It would lose the ability to fly, and can easily be killed with grenades or a few shells from a Shotgun. And since it is artificially created, the Predator Form lacks the ability to mutate into another Pure Form. A Predator Form's arms and legs are not as strong as its wings, and it can move rather slowly on the ground. It would therefore become less of a threat if grounded than if it was in the sky.

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