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Spore Infected
Biological information



Does not appear outwardly mutated by Flood infection

Known Species



Mark's report

The following report was made by Spartan G182. It is sealed under ONI order X-Ray.

// Report Filed: November 8th, 2572 //

// Signed: Sierra Gamma 182, Mark //

// Serial Number: 50189-51624-GM //

// Begin Report //

Subject stood at a height between five feet four inches and five feet seven inches. Noted red straight hair and blue eyes. White skin with freckles and sharp features. Also note no outward physical appearance that would discern her from a non-infected human. Appeared to be about four months pregnant and in good physical condition.

Upon first spotting of the individual, MCPO Sierra Delta 339 ordered me to fire on her. I refused to comply, as subject appeared to be acting normally and was not interfering with our mission.

LCDR Sierra-116 ordered us to remain in place for our group to catch up, and approached the target alone. When he was a mere one hundred meters away Delta 339 ordered me to relinquish my SG14 Anti-Armor Rifle to him. I complied.

D339 then shot the lady after she began to approach the Lieutenant Commander. He fired even after we heard her cries for help.

Upon examining the victim we realized she had been infected by the Flood. Sierra Delta 339 extracted three half grown Flood Infection forms from her womb. He claimed that he'd been suspicious of her when he noticed a shard of bone sticking out from her right pant leg. Upon further examination we discovered that her tibia had been split right down the middle, from kneecap to ankle. Delta 339 then cut her leg open and revealed how she'd been walking: the Flood infection had altered the tissue in her leg and pulled the bone together, allowing the limb to support her weight. As we watched the bone, we all noticed that the Flood tissue was rapidly disintegrating.

I do not know if the lady retained any of her own consciousness at her final moments, but it is my hope that she did not. If she had returned to the general populace then I fear the Flood may have gained access to a slipspace capable ship, and we would have had an un-contained outbreak. It is my professional, and personal, opinion that MCPO D339 acted in the best manner possible.

// End report //