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Fondera Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle Model-123
Production information

Fondera Workshops


Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Technical specifications

Light titanium with ceramic mesh inserts and kinetic and heat absorbing resin bonded layers

Sensor Systems
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Point defence laser
  • 30mm selective feed rotary cannon
  • 60mm six shot revolver loaded mortar
  • 9mm machine gun
  • 1 Driver
  • 1 Gunner
  • 1 Operations officer
  • Anti Tank Platform
  • Anti Infantry Platform
  • Anti Aircraft Platform
  • Light Artillery Platform
  • Armoured Personel Carrier

Necros War




"Looks like a full armoured unit based through here, they even had AA guns to take out those dropships"
―Captain Michael Franklin

"Nah, two Audacious Heavy AFVs"
―Executor Harnak Benvora

The Fondera Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle Model-123, better know as the Audacious is the Fondera Lineage's answer to the idea of giving infantry supporting firing platforms with APCs. The Extremely powerful vehicle mounts a 30mm rotary cannon with a selective feed between High Explosive Incendiary Armour Piercing rounds, which use a explosive warhead to activate a incendiary warhead which melts a path for the Depleted uranium warhead, launched by a explosive charge, into the enemy, which has pyrophoric effects, setting fire to interior systems of tanks like ammo and fuel, which makes the Audacious effective against enemy tanks and Beehive anti-personnel rounds, which spray a round on fin stabilized DU flechettes, which cut infantry to shreds and have secondary burn effects, as well as being deadly to aircraft as well. The Audacious mounts a small turreted 60mm mortar further back, which uses a six shot fire selection revolver. This revolver can be loaded with illumination flares, parachute illum flares, accurate high explosive or airbursts mortars and submunition mortars. This allows it to fully support the eight infantry men it carries in the back. It features a forward TADS/DNVS linked to the driver, which has a 9mm machine gun for some close defence and provides secondary optical feeds to the gunner and tactical officer. It also features a infra-red and optical turret scope, motion detectors and a powerful spotlight.



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