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Hi, Sona here. Ever since Halo Reach came out, we've been looking for a source of good quality rank insignia images. Mostly we look to Halopedian, and occasionally I've taken most of the insignias from our trusty Halo wikia and uploaded them here. But I'm getting tired of searching them up manually every time I need one, so I've decided to post them all here, where everyone can find them. Note that these images are only 40 pixels wide. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could enlarge these without losing its image quality.


Official Ranks

These are the ones found in Halo: Reach. I'll list them out as they're officially named. ([Source])

Rank Image File name
Recruit Base Reach - Recruit File:Reach - Recruit.png
Private Base Reach - Private File:Reach - Private.png
Corporal Base Reach - Corporal File:Reach - Corporal.png
Grade 1 Reach - Corporal Grade 1 File:Reach - Corporal Grade 1.png
Sergeant Base Reach - Sergeant File:Reach - Sergeant.png
Grade 1 Reach - Sergeant Grade 1 File:Reach - Sergeant Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Sergeant Grade 2 File:Reach - Sergeant Grade 2.png
Warrant Officer Base Reach - Warrant Officer File:Reach - Warrant Officer.png
Grade 1 Reach - Warrant Officer Grade 1 File:Reach - Warrant Officer Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Warrant Officer Grade 2 File:Reach - Warrant Officer Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - Warrant Officer Grade 3 File:Reach - Warrant Officer Grade 3.png
Captain Base Reach - Captain File:Reach - Captain.png
Grade 1 Reach - Captain Grade 1 File:Reach - Captain Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Captain Grade 2 File:Reach - Captain Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - Captain Grade 3 File:Reach - Captain Grade 3.png
Major Base Reach - Major File:Reach - Major.png
Grade 1 Reach - Major Grade 1 File:Reach - Major Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Major Grade 2 File:Reach - Major Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - Major Grade 3 File:Reach - Major Grade 3.png
Lieutenant Colonel Base Reach - Lieutenant Colonel File:Reach - Lieutenant Colonel.png
Grade 1 Reach - Lieutenant Colonel Grade 1 File:Reach - Lieutenant Colonel Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Lieutenant Colonel Grade 2 File:Reach - Lieutenant Colonel Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - Lieutenant Colonel Grade 3 File:Reach - Lieutenant Colonel Grade 3.png
Commander Base Reach - Commander File:Reach - Commander.png
Grade 1 Reach - Commander Grade 1 File:Reach - Commander Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Commander Grade 2 File:Reach - Commander Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - Commander Grade 3 File:Reach - Commander Grade 3.png
Colonel Base Reach - Colonel File:Reach - Colonel.png
Grade 1 Reach - Colonel Grade 1 File:Reach - Colonel Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Colonel Grade 2 File:Reach - Colonel Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - Colonel Grade 3 File:Reach - Colonel Grade 3.png
Brigadier Base Reach - Brigadier File:Reach - Brigadier.png
Grade 1 Reach - Brigadier Grade 1 File:Reach - Brigadier Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - Brigadier Grade 2 File:Reach - Brigadier Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - Brigadier Grade 3 File:Reach - Brigadier Grade 3.png
General Base Reach - General File:Reach - General.png
Grade 1 Reach - General Grade 1 File:Reach - General Grade 1.png
Grade 2 Reach - General Grade 2 File:Reach - General Grade 2.png
Grade 3 Reach - General Grade 3 File:Reach - General Grade 3.png
Grade 4 Reach - General Grade 4 File:Reach - General Grade 4.png
Miscellaneous Ranks Field Marshall Reach - Field Marshall File:Reach - Field Marshall.png
Hero Reach - Hero File:Reach - Hero.png
Legend Reach - Legend File:Reach - Legend.png
Mythic Reach - Mythic File:Reach - Mythic.png
Noble Reach - Noble File:Reach - Noble.png
Eclipse Reach - Eclipse File:Reach - Eclipse.png
Nova Reach - Nova File:Reach - Nova.png
Forerunner Reach - Forerunner File:Reach - Forerunner.png
Reclaimer Reach - Reclaimer File:Reach - Reclaimer.png
Inheritor Reach - Inheritor File:Reach - Inheritor.png

Fanmade Ranks

I made some of these myself for the benefit of AAO, but if you like them, feel free to use them :)

Image File name
AAO E-3 File:AAO E-3.png
AAO E-5 File:AAO E-5.png
AAO E-6 File:AAO E-6.png
AAO E-7 File:AAO E-7.png
AAO E-8 File:AAO E-8.png
AAO E-9 File:AAO E-9.png
AAO W-5 File:AAO W-5.png
O-1 File:O-1.png
O-2 File:O-2.png
O-3 File:O-3.png
AAOmjr File:AAOmjr.png
AAOcol File:AAOcol.png
AAO Midshipman File:AAO Midshipman.png
AAO O-1 File:AAO O-1.png
AAO O-2 File:AAO O-2.png
AAO O-3 File:AAO O-3.png
AAO O-4 File:AAO O-4.png
AAO O-5 File:AAO O-5.png
AAO O-6 File:AAO O-6.png
AAO O-7 File:AAO O-7.png
AAO O-8 File:AAO O-8.png
AAO O-9 File:AAO O-9.png
AAO O-10 File:AAO O-10.png
AAO O-11 File:AAO O-11.png

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