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I need some assistance working the wiki articles. Every time I open a writer's template and put in my name, it makes like 7 templates, and I don't know how to add the icon for the verse the article is dedicated to. Can someone help me out? Unsigned comment by Apollostriumph (talk • contribs).


Brodie-001The Demon - The Fighter - The Fallen - The Survivor:
Hey there. For the writer's template, you only need to put in {{Writer|Apollostriumph}} once at the top of the page. Don't put in the 'nowiki' code anywhere since it doesn't make templates come up and can really mess up your article; it's only really useful for giving examples like I've done here. The Era template should go above the Writer Template. If you've got permission from StoneGhost to write for the Swarm War, then you'd put {{Era|SwW}} there. This should help with your basic coding problems, though if you want to see how articles are properly structured and so on then check out other pages on the site in edit mode. As long as you don't save your edits or change things on those pages then it's totally fine if you're just learning the ropes. Also, be sure to sign your messages with four tildes (~~~~ on talk pages and forums so we know who's messaging who. Thanks.)

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