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As a community, one of this wiki’s most notable aspects is its dedication to canon-friendliness—i.e., all fan work on the site must at least have the potential to work within the broader Halo mythos. Though the execution of this policy has been the source of some contention and brought the site some flak from a few corners, I am proud that we have stuck by this policy and feel that it sets us apart from many other fan sites.

A few years back many users, including myself and several other members of the current administration, participated in a series of large-scale RPs on the IRC that took place within the universe of the Halo machinima series Red vs. Blue. Under then- bureaucrat Sonasaurus’s guidance the RPs evolved from random bouts of shenanigans to a story with its own continuity—continuity that deviated from the progression of RvB’s own story. As our enthusiasm for the project grew, we began to try incorporating elements of our own fan work into the story and eventually sought to fully integrate the events of the RP into our own articles. Eventually the project wore down and was abandoned, but the incorporated elements remained in many articles.

Flash forward to today. Although it’s been ages since we had a Red vs. Blue RP we still have plenty of articles floating around as the project’s legacy. To my knowledge, no one has ever challenged these elements as being Non-Canon Friendly. However, I have seen a few new users taken to task for attempting similar things with their own articles and I realized that we as a community had never reached a formal consensus on how the Red vs. Blue elements match up with our canon policy. Though the unspoken agreement to tolerate it has worked out so far, I feel that we need to formulate something in writing to avoid confusion and accusations of unfairness. Although this is an issue that effects a relatively small number of active users, I would like to get input from the wider community before the administrative team implements any formal policy.

I personally would like to keep the content. The Red vs. Blue RPs are a fond memory for me and they greatly contributed to helping me flesh out several of my characters. That being said, if the broader community feeling is that the content creates a double standard for the canon policy it won’t be the end of the world to have to change that content.

Any interested users, discuss below.

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Despite being involved in just about every episode of the RPs, the only thing I have written that's really held over are Reginald and the often-referred-to Adeline Harding. If discussion were to go one way or another, I wouldn't mind rewriting Reginald to be an original character instead, but I know I'm not the one who'd personally have to do the most rewriting. It does sometimes feel odd to have this half-of-RvB's story spliced into our canon, but care was taken back in the day to ensure the elements of RvB adapted fit in Halo's canon, so I'm for what's best for the most people--which is why we need a consensus on adapting material in this way. Were RvB not almost a Halo spin-off by this point, it would've been deemed a crossover.

I feel this is a similar issue to the canon policy update we had almost two years ago. I do not think it's fair to keep this RvB content under the guise of 'only older users use it' like the issue with older EUs being allowed to deviate whereas newer ones cannot. It's cherry-picking the rules to benefit those by virtue of tenure. I personally have no issue with it, but I do find it contradictory within the current framework. Maybe it's time to revisit canon rules? slowfuture (Talk) (Contribs) 03:47, December 17, 2016 (UTC)

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Looking back, I think that adding certain elements of the RvB stuff into our fanon articles might've been a spur of the moment thing as the roleplays were at their most popular. While I personally have no real use for my creations as far as the RvBR stuff goes, I think we should see what remains of the work and make the necessary edits to fit it less into the Red vs Blue timeline and more into our own expanded universes.

As most of the RvBR content was created within AAO, which besides being mostly defunct as an EU these days is part of the pre-2015 canon update group of exempt universes, perhaps anything related to it that isn't retconned out should stay there. That being said, I'll not deny that Sona and everyone else did put a lot of work into explaining how elements from that timeline would have fit into the canon Haloverse, ranging from armour explanations to an expansive backstory on character history. While I'm in favour of attempting to retcon a lot of it, especially since RVBR petered out and died several years ago and there's been so much new canon info since then, I think that as per usual we should abide by our site rules regarding plausibility and realism on this one.

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I dunno if plausibility and realism would cover it. Freelancers might as well be Spartans with the serial numbers filed off to begin with, and they were pretty well transitioned. There were a couple mentions of kill tallies in the hundreds per mission in the RPs, however...

Back on point, though, I think we really should be looking more at our rules on crossovers in regards to this. If this were any other franchise but a Halo spin-off, say, Gears of War, we'd have shot it down quick. There's also Xenomorph in the list of Good Articles, which I might say is relevant to the discussion of older users getting to keep things. It's well-written, no doubt, but does it have a place on a canon-stringent Halo site?