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GEN Condenser
Product Information

Revolutech Advanced Industries Seal Revolutech Advanced Industries


Aeolia-CB Project AEOLIA

Technical Specifications

GEN Energy Storage

Power Source

GEN Energy Harnesser System


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The Saulosian Campaign


GEN Condenser, sometimes referred to as the GEN Storage Container was an efficient energy capacitor designed and manufactured by the contracted Revolutech Advanced Industries. The GEN Condenser's exact purpose was to aid in the storage, retention and equal distribution of GEN Energy for various mobile suits, weaponry, and ships.

Design and Characteristics

A GEN Condenser was an easy to manufacture particle capacitor, scaled for installation on various degrees of machinery such as mobile suits, weaponry, and ships. The Condenser was designed to retain excess GEN Particles produced by the GEN Energy Harnesser System and be used as an alternative power source to fuel the demanding functions delegated by the system. Easily mass produced and inexpensive, the GEN Condenser could readily replace a defective or damaged GEN System at the expense of a limited operation time rather than an inexhaustible power supply.

In the following years, most notably the last stages of the Saulosian Campaign, GEN Condenser technology had been developed to a point where it was particularly miniaturized for human usage. This was the case for Prototype Powered Armour, which enhanced the capabilities of the chosen wielder in a variety of ways such as enhanced strength and speed. Researchers also hoped to implement an integrated weapon system that derived energy from stored GEN Energy, with minor success in the field. Although it was considered to be an incomplete technology, development was significantly promising and may be featured in future endeavors.




Core Components

  • Diamondoid Energy Capacitor:
  • Energy Regulator: The main component built into the GEN Condenser, it acted as the control center for the energy capacitor. The Energy Regulator helped maintain a constant output and equal distribution of the stored GEN Energy through a built-in software program. The software program also possessed system activation features for GEN Burst Mode and Hyper Mode.

Development History


Behind the Scenes


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