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GR-115 Paladin EA SASR
Weapon Information

Xi Bravo Incorporated


115 Paladin


Gauss rifle

Technical Specifications


Rate of Fire

Six rounds per minute

Effective Range

5-10 kilometers

Chronological and Affiliation

UNSCnew-1 United Nations Space Command

"You ever seen the knockout power on these babies? Its weapons like the Paladin that make me want to take sniper training."

The Gauss Rifle Model No. 115 Electro-Accelerated Special Applications Scoped Rifle (known colloquially as the 115 Paladin or simply the Paladin) was a type of Gauss cannon designed to be operated by one or two man teams in the field. It was employed solely by the United Nations Space Command Defense Force during the second half of the twenty-sixth century.


First put into action during the Second Human Civil War in 2585, the Paladin along with its manufacturer, Xi Bravo Incorporated, was often well-acclaimed for the fact that it was the first UNSC-approved infantry operated railgun with a fully portable and/or integrated power output mechanism, located in the rear stock. This was a jump over the cumbersome power unit of the M99 Stanchion, which was completely separate and was connected to the rifle by wire. The primary drawback to the new battery cell, however, was that it only held enough power for four shots, or the equivalent to one magazine.

Outside of this primary difference, the Stanchion and Paladin were actually fairly similar. Both fired a small, ferric tungsten/depleted uranium projectile with a velocity in excess of 10,000 meters per second, achieved superior accuracy through the utilization of satellite and surveillance arrays, and proved extremely effective in assassination missions. To the contrary, the Paladin was often approved at a higher rate because of its superior mobility.

After eighteen years of successful service to the United Nations Space Command, the Paladin was put out of its main role in lieu of its more advanced competition, the Model 77 Reaper. Its legacy would live on as the first (successful) mobile infantry railgun in a dynasty of hundreds.

Behind the Scenes

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