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"Fate is inevitable; that's not to say fate isn't vulnerable to manipulation, though."
―E.W. Carsa, Fruits of Earth, 2359

Galactic War
Date 2653―2722
Location Milky Way galaxy
Result Pyrrhic Coalition victory
The Coalition

UNSCflag UNSC Defense Force
TuqoiSeal Tuqoi Dynasty

The Hegemony

NewSeal Covenant
Wreath Eywa

The Collective

The Veer
Eywanii rebels
Numerous enslaved races.

Commanders and leaders
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Casualties and losses
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The Galactic War (abbreviated GcW), known to the Covenant as the War of Inordinate Renaissance, was a massive conflict that engulfed a formidable portion of the Milky Way galaxy.

The war began in the year 2653 of the UNSC Military Calendar with the Forza incident, an unprovoked attack on a civilian freighter by Covenant privateers. Before long, tens of millions of military personnel were being deployed to and fro. This pattern was broken in 2666, however, when a previously unidentified species known as the Veer besieged the remote UNSC colony world Astanchia.

This looming threat forced the other, warring factions to align under a single banner. By doing so, they were eventually able to overcome the extravagantly imposing Veer forces.

Further Reading

Behind the Scenes

  • This was long intended to be the foremost event within the Infinityverse, though this role has largely been transferred to the Second Human Civil War.
  • The Galactic War was originally intended to last from 2629 to 2815, a span comprising 186 years.