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Gary MacTarvish alias Gamma Six
Biographical information

Earth Great British Hereford

Date of birth

May 14th 2577

Physical description





6'3 foot


HOPE launcher

Chronological and political information


"We're going deep we're going hard"

Early Year

Gary MacTarvish is a former marines specialist wich entered in the odst force. Born in Great British in Hereford Gary enlished in the marines corps in 2597.

Spec ops career

Gary participed in many operations during is pre-odst career. He was a member of the Special Air Service group from the UNSC Marines. MacTarvish is the perfect designated marksman and conter-terrorist specialist. Pror to his engagmeny in both the AUR-Remnants War and the Necros War he also particioed to conter-terrorist operation against Russian where he was awarded for his action. In 2603 his former supperior suggest him to join the odst force.

Necros War

On september 10th 2615, the day the war was declared Gary was unboard the UNSC Okinawa were he participated to the battle of Linna where he leaded is odst team.During the war MacTarvish was one of officer of the 3th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Expeditionary Unit.

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