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Gary Polonsky
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May 21st, 2532

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6' 1"

Political and Military Information


20px-AAO_O-8.png Rear Admiral (O-8)





Early Life

Gary Polonsky was born on the Planet Reach in May of 2532. When he was eighteen years old, he and his family, which included an older sister and a younger brother, moved to the mega-city of New Mombasa on the planet Earth. Less then two years later, Reach was destroyed, although the family was not immediately aware of the bullet that they had dodged.

The full weight of the event came months later, when the Covenant invaded Earth - and Mombasa was wiped out. Gary's family was able to successfully escape, but Gary's older sister lost her legs to plasma fire.

Gary, however, was elsewhere for the attack on New Mombassa. He has entered the UNSC Naval Academy on Luna in June of 2552, but given a temporary commission to the rank of Ensign upon the Fall of Reach, making him ready to serve his species by the Covenant attack of Earth in October, 2552.

Military Career

During and after the Battle of Earth, Lieutenant Polonsky realized that large fleet engagements with the Covenant more often then not happened away from planets that had available drydocks or other means to repair ships - or in the case of Earth, had them disabled before they could be fully implemented. However, it was not until the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander wrote up a proposal for a mobile rearming and repairing task force, while stationed at the Officer Candidate School in 2553, to finish his education. For years, mobile refitting stations had been pushed aside as the need for more firepower and the close proximity of ships to planets meant that the stations were unneeded. However, as the UNSC began to push outward again, and even in to Covenant held space, the brass began to realize that fleets would require reparations.

In mid-2553, Polonsky was put in charge of the project and after assuming command of the first completed support squadron, he promptly organized it, trained it, and put it to the test. After numerous fleet engagements in which Polonsky and his force daringly rescued thousands of UNSC personal and ships, and, while not all the ships he towed away were saved, their pieces were most often used to repair other, less damaged ships. Within quite a few years, a total of twenty support squadrons (twelve frontline, eight reserve) had been commissioned, and Polonsky was promoted to Rear Admiral for his actions, and awarded the Colonial Cross.