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Gaust Armoured Personel Carrier Model-81
Production information
Technical specifications

Necros War





The Gaust Armoured Personel Carrier Model-81, also known as the Bastion APC is a Machina armored personnel carrier with a number of modular sections. The vehicle itself is basically an armored box on tracks with a large ramp at the rear opening into the troop bay. The APC carries a single weapon mount by default, though an additional weapon mount can be added in a small turret.

Modular Sections

  • Turret: An option top turret for additional weaponry.
    • Plasma lance: Lance Cannon that can crack open enemy tanks
    • Flame Projector: A flamethrower to burn through infantry and fortification.
    • Rotary Cannons: A 20mm rotary gun that allows it to deliver enough fire to pin down a whole company, but it burns through ammo very quickly.
  • Cupula weapon mount: A mount on the cupola allows a weapon or other system to be attached.
    • Remote Operated TOW: Gives the Commander the ability to reach out and 'touch' a tank.
    • Sat Uplink: Allows the tank to use satillite Communication
    • Search Light: Turreted Search Light to scan the darkness for enemies, but makes the tank vulnerable to attack.
    • Pintle Mounted Heavy Storm Rifle: A Pintle Mounted Gun with optional gunshield, which offers protection and the reduction of visibility. Useful for close-medium defence against infantry.
    • Pintle Mounted Fusion Cannon: A Pintle Mounted gun with optional gunshield, which offers protection and the reduction of visibility. Useful for incredibly close range defence against armoured vehicles
    • Pintle Mounted Flame Projector: A Pintle Mounted gun with optional gunshield, which offers protection and the reduction of visibility. Useful for close defence against infantry
  • Other
    • Extra Armour: The APC can be outfitted with heavy, performance reducing Kregior made Armoured plates
    • Ballistic Armour: The APC can be outfitted with Gaust made None Explosive Reactive Armour that can give the tank a even more formidable vehicle against shaped charged weapons.
    • Dozer Blade: A Dozer blade for shifting rubble
    • Mineplow: A Mine plow for moving through mined territory

Popular Variants



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