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Gaust Battle Rifle Model-3A
Production information
Technical specifications

Necros War




The Gaust Battle Rifle Model-3A, or Battle Rifle, is a weapon used by the Machina. The weapon is a .50 cal scoped rifle with both a burst and a semi-automatic firing mode, designed for a variety of combat situations.

Modular Sections

  • Receiver
    • 3x Scope: A small scope with three times magnification attached to the receiver, similar to the scope on a UNSC battle rifle.
    • 6x Scope: The highest magnification scope available for the rifle, enables the rifle to be used as a field expedient sniper rifle.
    • Red Dot Sight: A small sight that projects a small red dot onto the target, good for close to medium range combat.
  • Under Barrel Mount
    • Rocket Launcher: A Weapon similar to the UNSC M025, a mini-rocket launcher that fires a solid fueled rocket containing an explosive material the serves as both propellant and explosive. This rocket is equipped with a fuse the enables it to detonate over the heads of enemy infantry after travelling a distance set by the user. It can also be set to explode on impact to destroy light to medium vehicles
    • Grenade Launcher: A single-shot weapon that fires a 40mm high explosive grenades capable of impact or travel-distance based detonation for engaging infantry and light vehicles. The weapon is reloaded using a slide mechanism similar to that of UNSC M024 grenade launcher.
    • Shotgun: A pump-action underbarrel shotgun with a three round magazine for engaging infantry at close ranges.
    • Bayonet
    • Laser Sight: Available in red, green, or a version only visible using night vision.
    • Flashlight
    • Bipod: For mounting the weapon.



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