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Gaust Dropship Model-3
Production information
Technical specifications
  • 2x autocannons
  • two doorguns (variable)
  • two underwing hardpoints
  • pilot
  • co-pilot
  • doorgunners (2)
  • light transport

Necros War





The Gaust Dropship Model-3, also known as the Savage Dropship, is a light dropship for atmospheric missions


The Gaust Dropship Model-3 is a light dropship for transporting squad of Machina or a pair of Pretender exoskeletons into battle. The aircraft is built on the same airframe and cockpit as the Blitz Wing Gunship, but has several differences from the Blitz Wing. The most notable is the small rear troop capable of transporting a squad of Machina soldiers or a pair of light walkers, as well as two gunners for the weapons mounted on the doors of the cargo bay. The Savage also has larger engines then the Blitz Wing. In addition, the Savage has two fewer wing hardpoints, two as opposed to four on the Blitz Wing.

Modular Sections

  • Light Hardpoints: There are two wing-mounted light hardpoints on the aircraft, usually for fuel tanks, but can also be used for ordnance
    • Fuel Tank: two fuel tanks to extend the aircraft's range.
    • Rocket Pods: Two rocket pods for engaging lightly armored targets (total of 24 rockets).
    • Anti-tank Missiles- Anti-tank missiles mounted in two quad rail launchers, total of 8. These weapons are capable of knocking out a Necros compound tank.
    • Air-to-Air Missiles- Two air to air missiles on single rail launchers for engaging hostile dropships and gunships
  • Doorguns: Two gun turrets are mounted on the doors on either side to cover disembarking troops.
    • Heavy machine guns- 1 cal machine guns for taking out infantry and light armor.
    • Single Fusion Cannon- Single mount short range anti-armor weapon
  • Forward firing Gun mounts: two forward firing guns are mounted next to the cockpit.
    • Heavy machine guns- 1 cal machine guns for taking out infantry and light armor.
    • Plasma Lances- Plasma stream weapons for taking out tanks and other heavily armored targets
    • Rotary Cannons: 30mm rotary autocannons for tearing up enemy infantry and light armor. Burns through ammo quickly

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