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Gaust Exoskeleton Attack System Model-1
Production information



Exoskeleton Attack System

Technical specifications

Varies: 3 ft - 10 ft


Varies: 10 ft - 25 ft




1 (pilot)


Necros War


Machina Federation


The Gaust Exoskeleton Attack System Model-1, or Pretender, is a vehicle used by the Machina. An exoskeleton, each one is personally crafted to fit and resemble the Machina, with no two ever being the same: common (but not definite) traits include a bipedal form, two small to large chainguns, one melee weapon, and - in the case of lighter, less weapon-laden Pretenders - jump jets. The Pretender's piloting method is quite unique: using advanced neural link technology and specialized lock-and-clamp mechanisms, the system allows the Machina pilot to not operate the Pretender via a traditional cockpit, but instead make the vehicle a quite literal extension of their body - this concept is furthered by completely hiding the pilot's frame within the Pretender shell.

Modular Sections

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Body
  • Other


Due to each Pretender being specially built, it is once again unique in that, unlike other Machina vehicles, it cannot have popular variants. Instead, each Pretender is classified due to common traits and qualities it has with other Pretenders.

  • "Gaust"-class: A balanced and basic model, Pretenders of the "Gaust"-class are much like their pilots in that they lack a specialty.
  • "Mako"-class: Close-quarters combat is what "Mako"-class Pretenders excel at.
  • "Kreigor"-class: "Kreigor"-class is for those that
  • "Fondera"-class: Those of the "Fondera"-class are long-range, bombardier specialists.
  • "Argenta"-class: Like their makers, "Argenta"-class Pretenders are armed with missile and rocket oriented weaponry
  • "Jastenon"-class: The "Jastenon"-class exoskeletons use lots of plasma-based weaponry, as well as commonly having energy melee weapons, and occasionally Particle Beam or Fuel Rod based weapons.
  • "Benvora"-class: Fast is a good word to describe Pretenders from the "Benvora"-class.


"It's kinda creepy and cool at the same time; the Pretender looks a lot like a mess of metal at first, but then the pilot will kinda sit into this one little spot, lay their head back and then everything just closes up around them. Really weird"
―Anonymous UNSC Marine


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