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Gaust General Purpose Machine Gun Model-34B2
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Necros War




The Gaust General Purpose Machine Gun Model-34B2 is a 12.7 HMG that can be carried easily by infantry and deployed by bipod into positon. The weapon itself consists of six rotary barrels in a Gatling-style layout. The barrels are spun by an electric motor, allowing the gun the fire at rates of fire of over 4000 rounds per minute, easily tearing up enemy infantry and light vehicles. The gun is fed using a belt feed mechanism, and can use a 500 round attached belt, or 1000 or 1500 round detached belts, contained in ammo canisters that can be strapped to the back of a Machina infantryman.

Modular Sections

  • Receiver
    • Carrying Handle: Part of the chaingun version, a handle to carry the weapon while hip-firing.
  • Side Mount
    • Laser Sight: Available in red, green, or a version only visible using night vision.
    • Flashlight
  • Bottom Mount
    • Bipod: For mounting the weapon.
    • Tripod: For mounting as a stationary turret.
  • Feed System
    • 500 round attached ammo belt
    • 1000 round detached belt
    • 1500 round detached belt



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