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Ghan Wehtom
Ghan Wehtom
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Necros War


Machina, Alliance of United Races


"Think I'll pass, my heart just wouldn't be in it, y'know? Haven't got one, hehe..."
―Ghan Wehtom[1]

Ghan Wehtom is a member of the Machina race.


Early Life

Obsidian is a bit of a wild card, especially after Immorticon's disappearance. Suffering from various, mild to severe mental illnesses, Obsidian's sole friend was Immorticon, if such a strange relationship could be called friendship. Animosity, rivalry, friendship, loyalty..... seemingly all possible forms of feelings towards another being were all mixed into this one relationship, ranging from near hatred to brotherly love; Cheater once made the comment that such a relationship was only possible between two insane beings. Echoing his strange mental state, Obsidian's skills made him a jack-of-all-trades as well. He was extraordinarily quick, though still beat by Cheater, and was almost a match with his half-brother in aerial prowess. In addition, Obsidian used unmanned drones to assist him both in reconnaissance and combat. After Immorticon went missing in the second Necros encounter, Obsidian blamed Optimal for his seeming death, as he thought Optimal had purposefully left Immorticon behind. Leaving the Dead Six, Obsidian also disappeared, his whereabouts completely unknown for years. Unknown to any other Machina, he managed to find Immorticon, after taking a ship deep into Necros territory; and there, partially unwillingly and partially willingly (due to his psychotic nature), the Necros made into one of their own.

Necros War

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line"
―Ghan Whetom to his brother Klikig[2]




DEATH System








  1. A quote by Axel from Kingdom Hearts II
  2. Quote by Oscar Levant
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